Spade to Bananas for B W Speakers

I'm in need of some help folks:

When I bought my B&W N802s I found the cable connections to be the European Standard: simply, my XLO spades did not fit. XLO was very kind, very cooperative in rushing free of charge an adaptor to convert my spades into bananas. This works well. However, they sort-of flop around inside the banana port: guys you know what I mean here...

Seriously, I need a more-tight connection, and have not been able to find any manufacturer's item to do this.
Can you dispense with the adaptor and tightly screw part of your spades (i.e. 1/2) onto the the B&W posts? I think that'll be better than adding another connection to the conductor chain... Had a similar case with bearlabs (cardas spades) and jm lab speakers. Ended up wedging the bearlabs spades into the larger diametre WBT posts on the JMs -- and screwing tightly.

A compromise, nevertheless...
Monster makes a large variable size 24k gold spade, which they call a turbine spade. It is quite heavy and also has ridges to help hold the post connection tight. They are wide enough for B&W speakers. I use them with 803's. If you are handy with a crimping tool and solder, this may be your solution. I do not like bananas either.
Can't you just spread the banana tips out so it fits tighter? I just take the plug and put the tips of the bananas up against a hard surface, then give it a firm whack. spreads it back out and you have a nice tight connection again. Or you can do what either Greg or Mitch suggest.
Would XLO put on the correct size spades for you? If it seems to be too much hassle, perhaps this is a good time to upgrade your cable. My Harmonic Tech Pro-9 plus bi-wire with the large spade ends fit my B&W 805's, and are a good match.
Krell is so against the us of bananas, that years ago they stopped putting connectors on the amps that would allow one to use them.
Stick with spades!
Thanks for all of the feedback.

Simply, I'll get the XLO re-terminated, then when I add new speakers I'll upgrade to another brand, terminated properly.

Thanks, again.

Mike Dorsam
Good luck Mike!
Monster makes a spade to banada adapter called the X-Terminator. The banana part is expandable; once it is inserted and screwed in, you cannot pull it out - a really firm contact. Audio Advisor carries it.