Recommendation - Ref 3a, GMA, NHT or Fritz?

Hello, I sold my PSB Gold i's after 10 years of enjoying them. They were just too big for my space. I am now in the market for a pair of monitors (new or used) for my 2 channel system in a 12x12 room. My system consists of a Spectron Musician II Hybrid amp (Digital amp @ 500 WPC), a Prometheus Audio Passive Volume Control, an Audioquest Dragonfly DAC and a Macbook Pro playing lossless music files. From reading reviews and forums here, I believe I've narrowed it down to four monitors. Please let me know if you have compared the following against each other, and which monitor you'd recommend: Green Mountain Audio Rio Chroma, Reference 3A De Capo i, NHT Classic 3, or Fritz Carbon 7?

While I'm not the best at describing my listening priorities, a wide soundstage, clear, neutral sound is what I like. I listen to an eclectic mix of music, but Jack Johnson, Dave Mathews, reggae, classical are some of my favorites at the moment.

Interesting list, not sure you can go wrong with any of those, especially since you have plenty of power. Any way to try them out before committing? I think Fritz offers a 30-day home trial.
Try the new Merlin TSM..........I use one in same rom size great speakers.
Pioneer B22 at $130/pair.
Of the 4 speakers mentioned the Fritz Carbon 7 is IMO the best allrounder. The only issue is clarity/resolution(from what i've read). For value you might want to consider a used Revel Performa M20/22 since you have plenty of power. Also take a look at the new ATC SCM 11(revised cabinet/tweeter), $2200 gives you alot of speaker.
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Vapor Audio Breeze or Stiff Breeze, depending on your budget.
I have owned many GMA's, a few Ref 3A's and an older pair of NHT 3.3's. My rec would be hands down Ref 3A. The Decapo i's meet all of your criteria and more. Have not heard Fritz, but have heard good things about them.
I've owned the R3A MM deCapo-i for several years. I had a pair of Carbon 7's on loan from Fritz for several months. Comparing the two side by side, I'd say that the Fritz are more dynamic and tonally accurate, especially on vocals. Bass on the Fritz is way superior in extension and impact. Detail is close on both with the Fritz having better soundstage and imaging than the R3A. The R3A sounded thin and anemic compared to the Carbon 7. The R3A is more sensitive and efficient than the Carbon 7 which should not be a consideration with the OP's amp. I ran the Carbon 7 with a pair of Cary 300B amps and with a Bryston 4B and they seemed to work equally well but different. I did sell the R3A's shortly after comparing to the Carbon 7's. After the Carbon 7's, I owned a pair of Marten Form Floors for over a year and I have now settled on Frit's latest creation, a pair of LS3/5r towers which I consider to be among the best of the best under $10K speakers on the planet.
Thanks for the suggestions. Any other Fritz Carbon 7 fans around?
Depending on your budget you should also consider Vapor Audio Breeze or Stiff Breeze.
I can only speak to the Dicappos. I really like mine. They are an awesome match for the 300b amp. I dont think one can go wrong with these speakers. So count me as a fan of reference 3a
Canjo07-I've heard an earlier version of the Decapo and I thought it was to colored in the midrange. I don't know if the current version has the same characteristics. The GMA is designed to use the room to achieve it's lowest bass output. This tells me the GMA is very room and placement sensitive. I've heard(several times) your previous speaker PSB-Gold and know it's a great rock speaker. That is the main reason that I also suggested ATC and Revel.
Fritz Carbon 7s. Lush midrange, sparkling highs and solid bass. Never fatiguing. Fritz is also a genuinely nice guy and wonderful to work with.
Avoid the Merlin TSM. They are very weak in the bottom end.
Rio Chroma are excellent.
To answer the OP's original question - I've heard many models of the Green Mountain Audio speakers & I would heartily recommend the Rio Chroma or just the Rio model. These speakers are really very dynamic, give you the whole audio spectrum even at lower volumes, can thump out some serious bass for a 6" woofer & will play ALL your music with equal dexterity. Room placement is not any more fussy that any other speaker - just need to ensure that you have enough space to allow the drivers to integrate at your listening position & Roy Johnson (GMA owner & designer) likes the listener to have his ear height somewhere in between the tweeter & mid-bass for driver integration. It's nothing unreasonable - every speaker manuf has some sort of requirement to make their speaker sound the best - distance, toe-in, height, zobel network, etc.
Thanks for all of the responses. Base on the replies here and without any auditions yet, I am ranking in the following order: 1. Fritz 2. Ref 3A and 3. GMA. The Fritz Carbon 7 also appear to be the lowest price speaker of the three, so I think I'm leaning this direction.
I have used the Ref 3A de Capos with 4 different tubes amps from a 40wpc Primaluna to a 1.75 wpc Grommes SET/P.

plenty of loudness, great dynamics even low level, full rich

good price used and they sell fast
There is a pair of Carbon 7 on eBay now. Buy it now $1150 plus $150 shipping . No relation to seller.
I own the Vapor Audio Breeze, a fantastic speaker!
Of the 4 speakers mentioned the Fritz Carbon 7 is IMO the best allrounder. The only issue is clarity/resolution(from what i've read)."

I am curious Dayglow, are you saying you recommend a speaker you haven't heard based on what you've read? You really shouldn't comment if that is the case.

Canjaoo7 be careful. The recommendations you are getting seem to be from those that own or have heard only the speakers they are recommending. Hard to know for sure since not a one has offered any comparative info. It is clear what your question is but it sure isn't clear to me that anyone has answered it. I wouldn't be so fast to come to any conclusion let alone ranking, you've only just begun in my not so humble opinion.

and to you "sweet" judy blue eyes, are you as cynical in real life as virtually every post you have made on this site indicates?
Tubegroover-Who made you the AGON Gestapo? When ever I post an opinion I will always let the OP know if I had demoed or heard the component being discussed. Regarding the original question IMO the Carbon 7 fits the needs best(of the speakers mentioned) for the OP. My many years of audio knowledge make me very comfortable making this statement. From every review read(not all reviewers lie) clarity/resolution/speed is the the minor weakness of this speaker. Maybe the OP could consider a ribbon tweeter on the Carbon 7 to deal with the "alleged" weaknesses mentioned. I hope this resolves your curiosity.
Can't go wrong with the Fritz Carbon 7. They tend to be less sensitive to room and electronics than other speakers I own. Plus they sound great.
Didn't mean to offend you Dayglow but did I misread what YOU said "The only issue is clarity/resolution(FROM WHAT I'VE READ)"? IF "others" have issues with clarity and resolution what say you? Have you actually heard ALL the speakers to proclaim the Fritz the best all rounder? You haven't made that clear contrary to your response regarding my gestapo tactics. Your comments concerning the GMA would also indicate you haven't listened to it but commenting on the design and how it might interact in the OPs room. The Decapo i is the only one you have clearly indicated you have actually heard. The question asked was for a comparison, I would presume based on listening first hand as well as cavaets regarding room/amplifier issues with a particular design, the GMA for example. In any case, my comments were for the benefit of the OP for what its worth.