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Responses from alexs

2 prong power cable
The Marantz uses a C18 IEC without a ground. The three prong IEC is a C14 and will fit into the C18 socket. There will be no electrical issues. 
Recommendation - Ref 3a, GMA, NHT or Fritz?
I've owned the R3A MM deCapo-i for several years. I had a pair of Carbon 7's on loan from Fritz for several months. Comparing the two side by side, I'd say that the Fritz are more dynamic and tonally accurate, especially on vocals. Bass on the Fri... 
WyWire Blue speaker cable or Kimber Kable 12TC?
It is true that WyWires builds the Daedalus speaker cables using wire that is supplied by Daedalus. This is the same wire that is used inside Daedalus speakers, hence there is a natural synergy. The real WyWires cables have a very similar sonic si... 
Need more outlets
Try the WyWires/Daedalus 8 outlet box called the Power Broker. Couple of recent reviews in Positive Feedback and Part Time Audiophile. Comes in either Walnut or Maple. 
Entire system cable recommendation
Wywires can be auditioned from any dealer as well as the Cable Company. 
Entire system cable recommendation
Go with WyWires! 30 day happiness guarantee, moderately priced and sound great look wywires up on google and you'll find tons of comments and reviews. 
feedback wanted Reference 3A speakers???
Here is a review I wrote comparing the R3A MM deCapo i to the Fritz Carbon 7 in Audio Circle:I was lucky to have the Carbon 7's on loan from Fritz for about 4 weeks recently. They replaced my Reference 3A MM deCapo-i's on the same 26" stands. Init... 
Ref 3A Dulcets vs Vapor sound
You might try Fritz Carbon 7 or REV 5. Both are in your price range and a better tonal balance than the R3A. 
Which USB Cable do you like using
You ought to try the WyWires USB. $429 for 1.5M and a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. Very analog sounding but detailed and very coherent. 
Top Speaker Cables for SET System- under $5k used
Cary Audio has selected WyWires Gold Series cables for their room at CES this year. They'll be using the 211 (845) founder's edition amps and the big Tannoy speakers. WyWires Gold have the Bybee Quantum Purifiers built in. They sell for $3299 new.... 
Warm, lush and smooth interconnect help
Check out WyWires. I think you will find a realistic presentation combined with warmth and a lack of listening fatigue. I believe a ful set of WyWires will fit into your budget. 
Looking for power cable suggestions
Try WyWires Juice. Starting at $249 for 6 feet. 
dac USB cable
Actually, the WyWires Silver Series USB lists for $429.00 and is available direct from WyWires or from dealers, specifically Goodwin's High End in Boston or others. 
Has anyone actually bought a Zesto Phono preamp?
Rlw3 - Sorry for the delay in responding. IMO, the Zesto does well with all genres. George, the designer of the Zesto is a recording engineer and listens to a lot of rock. 
Has anyone actually bought a Zesto Phono preamp?
Mbump - Sorry for the delay in my response. I've owned two EAR 834P's one deluxe and one black. I also have an EAR 868 preamp with built in MM/MC phono stage. I think the Zesto is way ahead of the 834P and is very competitive and a bit smoother an...