Sjofn the Clue v. Fritz Carbon 7 or other Fritz

Has anybody heard both these speakers or compared the Clue directly with any other speakers from Fritz or the Emerald Physics MS3? My room (really my office) is 13x13 with 8.5' ceiling. Both front and back walls are glass. Speakers will be stand mounted and nearly against the front wall (hence the interest in the Clue). Amps are Wyred mAmps. Sources are USB, Ipod via Pure i20 dock and CD. DAC and pre-amp are yet to be determined. I tend to prefer a slightly warmer sound, but good tight base. Music is most often rock/pop and electronic house/chill/lounge, but not limtited to these generes.

Thanks for the input.
Both are good speakers, so I've read. While I've not heard either, I do have personal experience with room of the same exact size as yours and it was not well suited to music listening. My system sounded great in two other houses but moving it to the new house with a 13 x 13 den, music sounded awful. Moving it later to a larger great room in the house made everything better, except for my wife's attitude.

The speaker drives the room, so a safer solution would be a speaker that produces less bass and can be placed close to the wall. So, that means either no port or a front port, with the Dali Mentor Menuet as an exception. I'm doing a home demo now for a friend and the Menuet's do quit nice close to the wall and have ample but not deep bass. Good luck.
bumping this - any new thoughts?
Sjofn The Clue = $1000/pair
Fritz Carbon 7 = $1800/pair
Emerald Physics MS3 = $3000/pair

what price range are you looking for at the end ?
Don't know the Clue. Fritzspeakers are excellent, and Fritz is a nice and helpful guy whom you might give a call.

Bur Kenrick is right. Your placement constraint is very significant, and you should look at "near wall specific" designs such as North Creek (which are also excellent, and actually do it with rear ports). Montana's are another excellent brand that I had good luck with near wall, but they are largish (though there's a pair of one of their smaller designs on here, the Spi, that might work). There have been numerous threads on this, where you can get lots of suggestions.

Will you be able to have curtains over the glass walls?

I've heard the clue speakers and they're quite good for the price. I think they excel at Rock, Pop, Electronic etc. And Lars at Sjofn is just a blast to talk to. Spent a couple hours on the phone with him talking about speakers, the Seattle music scene, Jazz, Nordic Jazz and completely off topic subjects.

Instead of the usual flamenco guitar, Diane Krall, they play at audio shows ad nauseum, he plays Nirvana, Alice in Chains and Metallica.

Even sent me CD's to listen to free of charge without purchasing anything from him!

If you live in the VA/DC/MD area he has a fantastic rep that has a whole line of bang for the buck audiophile products (including The Clue) he'll haul to your home to listen to in your setup.

His name's Mark and email is He traveled to my home twice already (an hour each way) just to bring various gear to listen to. I couldn't recommend him more highly.
Thanks for the suggestions. On price, would like to be under $1000, but can do more if they will work in this space.

J - no curtains possible since this is commercial space and local fire codes prevent it. I'll re-check for other threads.
Fritz is maybe nice guy but that is not reason you should buy
Carbon 7 speakers. BASS!!! People, what is wrong with you.
Bring the Mariachi band in your room and then you will have the bass. Music is not the bass! Let's talk about mids, highs,
full spectrum. Carbon 7 simply can not play music if is there no bass. For the music with the bass you must move Carbon 7
away from the wall at least 5 feet or they will sound, actually they will not sound at all. If you are looking for the speakers that will PLAY music look Focals or Harbets