recommend a mini monitor over 93db $1,000 value

i am looking for a small speaker with a high Db to use with my Decware (2 watt amp) . i may have to move it to a small room and need something small
I'd definitely consider some Omega single driver speakers. I have some in a smaller room that I pair with a 2 and 4 watt tube amps and they perform well
Triangle Titus might do well in a smaller room and won't set you back much, especially used. Only 90db or so sensitivity though.
Zu Audio makes a couple of smaller, high sensitivity speakers.
Decware amp, Decware speakers. Simple.
Check out these speakers, 95db efficient and very cool design:

Second Lindisfarne,
Decware model DM945 or DM946, both under $1,000.00 and 94dB, perfect for 2 watt amps. Best part is that, if I'm not mistaken, they offer a 30 day trial so you may be able to return the speakers if you don't like them.
I use Ref3A de Capo and easy load, 92db eff and great sound

used 1100-1400

i run the decware mini torii so 4 wts