Rarest Brands for Sale on 'Gon

Some of these brands rarely appear here. Maybe the customers are satisfied for life?
- Boulder (I only saw at most 5 times)
- Rockport (saw a Sirius TT once, the gigantic speakers once)
- Walker
- Spectral (okay, maybe this is not so rare...)
I'd add the following brands to the "rarely seen" on A-gon list:
1. Klyne preamps;
2. Moore-Frankland Associates preamps;
3. Chapman speakers (from Stuart Chapman)
4. Pyramid Metronome speakers (from Richard Sequerra).
I don't know the brand yet because it's realy rare. When somebody post one, I'll let you know.
saw a nobis and a beard
Huff, Kinetic, Yankee.
I think in the case of some of these brands (at least the first 3 in the original post) they simply do not produce a lot of gear. They are big ticket, built to order, once in a lifetime purchases.
I don't mean to shanghi this thread, but in regard to the Klyne, is it because there is no market for these units or are they really that rare? I watch out of curiosity since I own the Klyne newest version of the pre-amp. I have not seen any for sale in a long time, just wondering why...

Maybe I should start one of those annoying "Why so few _____ for sale?" posts!?!
Hi, Nrchy:

Stan Klyne lives in the Seattle area, so local audiophiles are perhaps more aware of his designs than other parts of the country. Tim Ratcliffe, owner of Experience Audio here in Seattle, carries Klyne products, and he recently told me that Klyne hasn't built many units recently. Stan is, however, still in the business.
Wavestream Kinetics V-8 Power Amplifier...Made by Scott Frankland of Moore-Frankland Associates (MFA) as mentioned in the first reply above. These were made by him subsequent to the demise of MFA. They come as either mono blocks or stereo and are still made to order. Mine is #30. I believe that less than 50 have been made--maybe just a few more than 30.

The power tubes are driven in a manner described by Scott in a patent he has. The originals sound beautiful but Scott has thought of further upgrades in the intervening years.

For me, it's a treasure.
The_smokester, I have heard nothing but rave comments about that amp, wish I had the opportunity to hear one.

Physically it's a very interesting design too.

Any web link to pics and/or description?
Regarding the Wavestream V8. I just had an opportunity to hear one (er...actually two - monoblocks) this week driving a pair of Avalon Eidolon (sp?) Diamonds at The Analog Room in San Jose.

Holy Cripes!

You see their A21 Integrated once in a while but their other equipment rarly comes up.
As if on que:

VYGER Indian Signature Turntable

Wish I had the doe ray me, if ya know what I mean!

John :-)
Has anyone seen the new interconnects braided of unobtainium? :-) Cheers!
Burhoe speakers....

Odd, that does not look at all like the Wavestream Kinetics V-8 Power Amplifier, did I miss an entire topic or thread ?

And, I love it.
I would add
DNM amps and Pre amps
Audioprism amps i.e debut or bigger brother
Lavardin would fit into that camp as well
I also thought of Wavestream and DNM...two of my favorites.

I live only a few miles from the analog room in San Jose and have heard Scott's V8's many times....excellent.
I believe George Cardas also uses these amps.

I own Scott's newest creation his wavestream kinetics phono stage and it is also marvelous.

In addition I have a pair of his MFA 200d's that he has modified over the years as he develops new thoughts on design...they are also excellent.

There seems to be a consistency here with the stff Scott does...hmmm.

Next up is his Wavestream Kinetics Line Stage...can't wait.
Albert, no we're just miscommunicating. You're thinking that my reply was to you fellas sub-thread regarding the Wavestream Kinetics V-8 Power Amplifier.
When I was responding to the thread in general, not your sub-thread. The 'as if on que' comment meant that Bill's Vyger went on sale the same day that this thread started.

The Vyger is a rare brand on the 'GoN, no?

No Sanyo brand.....
Not even one.
So does that make it rare and sought after?
Jus' kidding.
Nestorovic, GNP, Quintessence, Beveridge, and uh, Quasar.
If you are in Northern California some time just drop me an email and come by for a listen.

Here is a link to a picture showing a pair of Wavestream Kinetics V-8 monoblocks:


Would love to hear the MFA 200d's.

I got the first production model of the Wavestream phonoamp almost a year ago last Thanksgiving Day. Arrived at the Analog Room at 3p and Brian and Scott met me beaming like proud parents. After admiring it for about an hour (the shop was of course closed) I drove away with it. Looking back over my shoulder they looked like they had just given up their first born.

It is brilliant design which competes with the best. I, as you surely, have done the side-by-side comparisons with the Wavestream and the Aesthetix Io.

P.S. The line for Scott's new Linestage forms behind me. That will give me a complete Wavestream Kinetics system.

holy cow, that's one sweet-lookin' pair of amps. Sure cannot afford it right now. Thx for the pic.
haven't seen any Emerson's or Close-n-Play's lately either ;+)
Elizabeth ... CEC=Sanyo I think, in the same way as Lexus=Toyota.
The_smokester, thanks for the link to the Wavestream. Beautiful speakers too, I seriously considered those (Avalon) when I moved away from Sound-Lab last year.
Yr44 and Albertporter,
Lest you think that those speakers from the link I posted above are mine...They are not. That is a picture off the internet somewhere. I did not intend to mislead you all.

Frankly, the Avalons are not full range enough for my taste. Beautiful midrange and highs, though.
Yea Smokester, that was the reasons I decided on the Dali Megaline instead.

Then again, the Megaline is ten thousand dollars more money and requires four amps to operate, making the Avalon a cost effective alternative.
You're welcome anytime....particularly if you're willing to lug the V8's with you :-)

I've recently been directly comparing the Wavestream with the ASR basis exclusive.

The MFA is dueling with the ASR Emitter 1 exclusive and the new TRL st225

These are interesting times in audio.
Did you just use the concept of "cost effectiveness" in an audiophile post?

I am at a loss for words!!!
Glide3, Do you have any thoughts on the ASR Emitter?

Yes, in a word it's excellent. I'm not sure I am ready to go where HP has gone (keep in mind he is hearing the big brother) but it is one of the very best amps SS or tube I have ever had or heard... and this list is quite long.

In general I am coming to the conclusion that SS has come a long way...as a tube enthusiast I'm not sure I ever thought I would say that.

It has made my Tonian TLM-1's, Exemplars and Quad 57's sound as good or better than any of the other amps that have been connected to them.

I will also say that the build quality and ease of use (particularly as you are dealing with a battery system for the pre) is excellent

Great product that I also believe to be a great value when one looks at what it is and does.
Glide3, regarding your comments
In general I am coming to the conclusion that SS has come a long way...as a tube enthusiast I'm not sure I ever thought I would say that

A few years ago I would have laughed at your comment, today I must agree with you.

I still prefer tubes for my system, but more and more I am hearing things from high performance transistor amps that I respect. Like everything in this hobby, it's component and system dependant.
Music Reference.I have not seen these in a long time,But have heard them and like what I hear.I've been told that they are very reliable tube products as well.
Albert, have you had a chance to hear the latest DNM gear in a system designed for them?
Interesting times!
Music Reference amps are usually available and I think at most times there is at least one up on the site. Just about 3-4 weeks there were three amps, two different models. I've also heard they are reliable but have recently been told by a 30 year audiophile they originally were not.

My vote goes for Air Tight. Don't come up very often but then they are a small outfit and only make pretty expensive stuff. By that I mean their cheapest amp is $7,000.00.
Glide3, No I have not heard the DMN gear, perhaps I should.
Guys a rare one but a goody

Metaxas Soliloqey

A greek design which is very popular in Europe

Heard one in Milan

Best I've heard to date
Have not seen one used
If you are ever in the bay area of N. CA. you are invited to listen.
How about Rauna Tyr or Tyr II speakers? This was the very first hi end speaker I heard about 20 yrs ago when I went into my first hi end audio store. They blew me away. A miniature Vandersteen with Rosewood top and bottom plate and concrete on the inside...fabulous sound...

I have a pair of the Rauna Tyr II's in my bedroom system and they are fabulous. Extremely lifelike in reproducing music. I'm very happy with this 1986 vintage speaker.
BMAD stuff. Bruce Moore Audio Designs. My Custom M120's are the only pair I've ever seen advertised here, and I bought them. ;_)
Dayton Wrights rarely come up as does the Dolan preamp and the Klyne preamps as well as FM Acoustic.
I haven't been on a'gon long, but I rarely see my speakers mentioned on the Internet: Soundline Audio. Their website must have disappeared at least 2 years ago, so I assume they're OOB.
Bill Beard amplifers and pre-amps...excellent construction and performance.
I agree Bruce Moore makes some wonderful amps

Crump Designs Blowtorch and Barbeque are a rarity as well
Need help identifying this Bruce Moore dual mono preamp I found - no serial # or model # just the words
"Blind Mellow Jelly" on the black brushed aluminum face plate
want to price it to sell on this site

any ideas?