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Magnepan 3.6, 3.7 or Tannoy Westminister SE
Does this means that Tannoy in the Prestige series lower than the Westminister SE can't compete with the Maggies? 
Wireless speakers
Audioengine 5 with Audioengine W1 wireless adapter. 
Gallo 3.5 vs Merlin VSM-MXe
I don't think lean is a right word to describe a tweeter sound. I'm talking about the midrange. My room is fully carpeted, fabric furnitures and curtain all over the windows. 
Gallo 3.5 vs Merlin VSM-MXe
I used to own a pair of Gallo Strada with T3 sub. I bought it without listening to them first because of all the glowing reviews. I waited patiently breaking them in for at least 500 hours, all I can say about these speakers is LEAN, LEAN, LEAN, L... 
portable ipod speakers?
I have both AudioEngine A2 and A5 and the A2 is a lot more portable. I have them positioned overhead of my desk and they sound like big headphones. You won't be disappointed. No sub needed. 
For crying out loud
For crying out loud, turn the power off instead, not just the display. Not just the background but everything else is quieter and blacker. 
the greatest pop song ever?
Schipo got the right answer. 
Spica TC-50 and amp advice
Jaybo is right, "they are not fussy, so any quality integrated in your range will do just fine". Don't spend more than $350. A used integrated like Onkyo 9555 will be my first choice. You'll probably get very close result weather you spend $350 or... 
alternative to apple tv?
Get a Mac Mini instead. 
Spica TC-50 Owners out there?
Xiekitchen, What speakers do you listen now? 
Mystical Performances
I second Hugh Masekela - Hope and Lyle Lovett - Joshua, Judges, Ruth 
Should I do it or Not??? Tech question Part 2
Sorry I forgot to post the result. It was a success!!!. I don't even think it needs re-biasing, since I can't tell the difference sonically between the left and right channel. My Creek is alive again and making wonderful music. 
Should I do it or Not??? Tech question
Isn't the bias trim-pot the same since I did not touch it and I'm not replacing it? 
Has anyone ever cried listening to your system
I don't think he was crying because of your system. I think he started weeping because Eva Cassidy died, and he wasn't the only one. 
Someone for routine service Teac 10-X SF Bay area?
I think you I've seen some tech posting on craigslist. Do a search under electronics.