I just moved, and despite packing all my own gear, I have no idea how rough the movers were with it. Since arriving, some issue have cropped up:
1). Using the Frankenstein monoblock amps, after about 20-30 minutes of use, a loud crackling emits from the right speaker. This comes and goes intermittently, and won't stop until everything is powered down. I switched up outlets, and it remains the same. Checked all the connections- all seem secure. Suppose I should swap out the IC's and see if the noise comes from the other side or the same side, right?
2). I tried using the MastersounD amp. After about 10 minutes, the left channel starts cutting in and out. Switched IC inputs, and the problem stays on same side.
3). I excluded the EAR preamp from the circuit, using the MastersounD as an integrated amp. Left side still cuts in and out.
4). The only common denominator here is using the Ayon CD5 as a source. Have a hard time believing there's a bad tube in there- there are less than 1000 hours on those tubes.

I have a hard time believing there are problems in more than one component. That would be very unusual.

Any thoughts or suggestions to try and narrow this down? I do have a turntable I could use as the source and see what happens as well.

Very frustrated.....
It has to be the Ayon from what I see. Tubes go bad all the time expecially if banged around. Try the turntable and report back.

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good luck
Agree with Philjolet, most likely the tubes have you tried changing them? This would help verify what seems most likely.

Did you take the tubes out prior to shipping? If not it is usually the best advice for the future.
thanks, fellas. My next step was to use the TT as a source and see what happens. But to do that, I have to put the EAR back in the circuit for the phono section. Worth a shot.

One riddle- why, if it was the Ayon, would one channel go silent with the MastersounD and the opposite channel buzz with the Frankensteins?

Wouldn't they both buzz or go silent?

I'm also wondering if the power supply up here is incredibly dirty. Not only do we get frequent surges with flickering lights, but there's a slight buzz coming from the Monster surge protector unit I use. Now, neither the amplifiers or the EAR is plugged into the Monster unit. The Franks and the EAR run through a BPT line conditioner, which runs into the wall. The Ayon runs through the Monster unit. The MastersounD runs right through a wall outlet.

If something is wrong with the MastersounD, at least I know it's not the pre-tubes, since the same channel cuts out using it as an integrated or as a direct power amp.

Might just replace all the signal tubes on all the amps if the TT trick fails.

This is the one drawback about an all tube system- lots of variables in trying to pinpoint a problem.
Uru975- all tubes from the amplifiers were removed and packed separately prior to the move. Tubes were left in the Ayon and EAR units, and both were securely packed in styrofoam stays and triple boxes.
Always remove tubes before shipping or transporting,no matter how well the unit is packed.I learned this lesson the hard way!!!
Why the capital "D" in Mastersound?
Maybe he's a Medical Doctor? :)
AFC's experience in moving the 'rig' is not uncommon. Almost all commercial movers have no real experience in moving hi end systems. Few owners even get 'full coverage' insurance since it is very expensive. I have a local move that will be made next year. So, I called in a audio/video specialist firm to get an estimate on what they wanted to do a move, including full insurance, disconnect and reconnect services so I would not have to do anything. Three rooms of hi end stuff will be involved. Well, the $28K price tag gave me an appreciation of what was needed. About $100K of gear is involved. Hi end is not cheap!
As previous posters mention, rougher than you can ever think of or imagine.
I had one experience and was wondering how my equipment still worked after such a trip!
Any shipping company UPS, FedEx or USPS woud do it much more gentle as a matter of fact.
Letting someone else move your gears is just plain dumb, what were you thinking?
What was I thinking? Hmmm, let's see....I have to put two dogs and my wife in the car with me....there's about 12 cubic feet of trunk's a 900 mile drive.....yeah, I should have stuffed all the gear that when boxed up occupies an 8x10 closet into my car...never mind the other 25000 POUNDS (that is not a typo) that United packed and moved (you pay by the pound), PLUS had to put the wife's car on a second truck....yeah, I should have moved it myself!?!?!?! COME ON! I had no choice here. And I DID take out full insurance. I packed it all myself to try and limit any issues, but they may have done a few toss and heave manuevers. Had to remove both control knobs from the 845 and remount them, because they had been pushed into the front panel.

Anyways....tried the TT and it worked fine with the 845 (will leave out MastersounD- that's how it's written). Switched up to the CD5, and now it works fine. No channel cutting out. All I did was switch the signal tubes on the 845 to the opposite socket. Maybe one tube was loose? Who stinking knows. Now, I have to try the Coincidents and see if the buzz is gone. I don't know, I'm starting to think the outlet power source is incredibly dirty or something. Either that or the new place is haunted. Lots of bangs and bumps in the middle of the night. LOL. Very odd at any rate. The buzz returns with the Franks, I'll just swap out all the tubes and see what happens. Thanks for the help, everyone. And yeah, I should have moved it myself, but it was literally impossible to do so. Too much gear, well over 750 pounds of stuff, of which maybe one box fits in my trunk....

Tpreaves....damn sharp guess. Right on the mark, but has nothing to do with how the company prints the name on their products.
Damn Doc, you had me built up then you just had to bust my bubble!!!!
Nothing is wrong with using a commercial mover. They move things far more delicate than audio equipment and generally do a very good job. Check with a local real estate firm and find out what movers are used for executive relocations. Take out as much insurance as they will let you.


$28,000 to move and reconnect $100,000 of equipment? How does that make any sense?
"Lots of bangs and bumps in the middle of the night"

as long as no mice in the walls...

Hi Tony,
Good to see your post, it`s been a while.
Congratulations on the new house.
I hope the issue with the Frankenstein amps are only damaged tubes and nothing more, such a wonderful amp.
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You used United, even dumber, they are the biggest morons in the business.
Buckanero117, my bids in at half that price.:)
'$28,000 to move and reconnect $100,000 of equipment? How does that make any sense?'

99% of the actions / beliefs on this forum make no sense, so why pick on this member?
Just a few months ago a United driver tried to start a fist fight with me when I told him he jumped the line at a tire shop, I called his company and told them how he thought it was suppose to go out here. Someone flipped a cig and it landed on my truck, I put a big 'ol owie on his hood with a 42 inch crow bar, so the United driver was pretty lucky he didn't eat some of that 42 incher.
And just the other day I noticed United had a new look. I yelled out on the cb that they had a new look but the same stupid ass morons workin for them.

Yeah, United.
Slikric, sounds like you need a little anger management help!!!
Tpreaves, no dude, you do not flip a lit cig onto my 100 gallon fuel tank.