audio research REF2 MK2 5AR4 / GZ34 problems

Has anyone had issues with their REF2 going through the recitifier tube fairly quickly?

I bought the unit used a few years ago, seems like this tube is allways the one that goes. I have tried the stock Sovtech and JJ GZ34. The JJ held up the best ( 7 months or so )

When I purchased the unit it had a Ruby tube in this spot. Of all the tubes that one seemed the most robust... until last night!

Back to a stock Sovtech I just purchased for now.

Thanks for any advice you can offer.
Rectifiers should last a really long time. Even if you left you amp powered on for 7 months straight, the output tubes would fail long before the rectifiers.
My guess, you have something wrong in there. I'd start by contacting AR or spending the money having a tech check it out. Simply put, this shouldn't be,even with cheapo sovteks.
Consult with Andy/Vintage tube services.He is very knowledgeable and will not stear you wrong.
I don't have a dedicated system so the pre is on pretty much every day for 10 hours or so.

When it fails you can see start to arc at power up. Throw another tube in, and it's good for 6-7 months it seems. No problems with odd noises. I tapped around seeing if maybe a cold joint would revel itself but nothing happened.