Anyone aware of the problems with the Linn Unidisk

A friend of mine has a brand-new Linn Unidisk. He is having quite a few problems, such as the unit not recognizing discs,skipping etc. I am told that Linn has had to develop a software "fix" for this. This kind of "glitch" should not be expected in a player that costs $11,000.00. I'm glad I bought the Esoteric DV-50. Anyone out there know about these Linn problems?
This is unlike Linn. Love them or hate them, they have some of the most reliable and feature rich gear available.
I heard this player a couple of months back.
The Audio store I heardit in is probably Linn's main high end dealer in their home city.
I got the impression from the dealer there were some small issues with the machine .
Certainly I saw him have to reload a disc one time although access times were pretty good.
Any comments on the sound of the player?
I wasn't overly impressed but it was in a dem room and with limited software.
The same thing happened with the Classik-T, it failed to read some disks, mistracking, etc. The problem was eventually cured. On the Classik-T, the problem was cured by
changing the value of some surface mount resistors.

Being a Linn owner for over ten years I have to say that the
quality of their products is excellent. Once the Classik-T got the upgrade it never failed. It may be that the Unidisk
1.1 was launched prematurely, I am sure they will debug the
units shortly.

Even if you don't like the Linn sound, one has to admit that they are bulletproof units, the Classik-T and Unidisk 1.1 are the exception to the rule.
I've received the Unidisck SC/5125 a couple days ago. This is an upgrade from a Linn Classik Movie DI. I'm still playing with set-up and so on. The sound precision and video are clearly better.

Here are a few minor bugs encountered so far:

1. There is NO power off capability from the remote!!! This is even stated in the users manual. Why would this be Mr Linn??? The unit gets VERY hot if left on stand-by all day as does a disk if left in the player on stand-by. In fact there is no stand by mode - only the front display can be set to go on stand by. There is an ON/OFF switch in the BACK of the unit (which happens to be upside down by N.A standards...). Something in the player gets turned on/off (some large transformer? with a protection circuit click sound) when the AUX button is pressed to get out of player mode to play an external source. The switch/click is also audible when cycling the AUX command to "TV". Must be turning on/off the internal video processor section.

2. The front display is significantly weaker and smaller than the CMDI. I can no longer read it from my sitting position. I have 10/10 vision... Also, the AUTO DIM actually works (didn't on the CMDI) but the sensor is useless - it dims the display much too low. My dimmer is set at 100% and is still not readable from sitting position (12 feet)

3. Opening or closing the CD tray automatically switches the unit to CD/DVD mode (cutting out any external source you might have been playing while loading a disk). This problem was resolved in the last software update of the CMDI but didn't make it on the SC first release apparently.

4. The disk player is very sensitive to minor smuges on disk surfaces. I NEVER had a mis read on the CMDI. Now the same disk collection occasionally fail on the SC (they play fine after wipping finger prints with a tissue). I have yet to encounter a disk that will not play at all.

5. Minor: the disk tray is short of opening fully by about 1/2' - no big deal. Requires very slight tilt to place disk on tray. No sure why this is.

6. Minor: Most disk (but not all???) seem to AUTO PLAY on tray closure. There is no setting to prevent this.

7. Minor: A black Linn unit use to be black... The black SC has a large silver section (the "unidisk" central section of the facade). Was this a cost saving measure? Would have preferred all black with silver buttoms like the CMDI.

8. Minor: The remote is the SAME as the CMDI. The SC does not come with the metallic and illuminated Unidisk (1.1 or 2.1) remote :-(

9. Minor: Noisy/bulky tray mechanism.

On the good side: Excellent CD playback, outstanding SACD Multi Playback. Outstanding degree of video and source integration (simpler set-up than CMDI). The Unit has both Toslink and RCA digital INputs. I'm still playing with Video settings but so far image on plasma is much brighter with better resolution - the difference was immediately obvious on first DVD played.

Now, to go Active or not ?!

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