Preamp with XLR input under 1k?

Hello all,

I have ProAc D18, Hegel HD 25 with SOtM dX-USB HD and Quad QSP.

I would like to add a preamp to my system.

I don't care if it's used or brand new?

What should i look for?

Used Krell KST
Does the preamp have to be balanced or just have an XLR input?
For just $100.00 more you could consider a Wyred for sound mPre. Has a usb dac as well.
Emotiva XSP-1 - fully balanced
Parasound P5 - XLR inputs
Thanks for answers.

Balanced would be fine Zd542
You might get lucky w a used BAT VK3i at that $.
Anyone knows where to get VK3i at $1k +- a notch?
In your price range, an active preamp, used, new, SE or balanced, is going to be a difficult find. (I mean one that sounds good.). I'll take a BAT VK3i also if anyone wants to sell me one for around 1k.

If you are willing to give a passive a try, you may want to see if you can find a used Adcom GFP-750. It shouldn't be too much trouble finding one. It has more than 1 input, balanced, SE and a remote. Even though its a passive, it has plenty of features that don't normally come with most units.
I second the Emotiva XSP-1............pretty incredible for the price. Give them a call, they may have a demo available with the 5 yr transferrable warranty.
2 oldies but goodies with excellent performance
Muse Model 3 Signature
Audio Research LS9

Either can be had around $800
Thank you for all recommendations.

Hegel HD 25 DAC offers its XLR output for best sound quality. It has a very good quality digital volume control. It has a preamp. It has XLR output but my power amp QSP has not.

How about if i use Cardas XLR/RCA adaptor and save some money for good preamp? Is it effect sound quality?
There is a Primare P30 on Audiogon now for $995.00.
It is truly balanced and has a nice digital display.
I like it better than the Adcom GFP750 I used to own.
This preamp was designed by James Bladelius, formerly of Threshold.
Used Bel Canto pre3 is a nice choice.
I posted a similar query a couple of years ago and a Kavent dealer popped out of the woodwork...perhaps the last Kavent dealer anywhere, and sold me a fabulous new balanced S-33 preamp for what I thought was a bargain price...and promptly went out of business. Damn fine preamp though...maybe this thread will cause 'em to pop up again! Before the Kavent appeared I did have an Adcom GFP 750 on my short list and it's worth noting they are (switchable) active OR passive...not unlike myself.
If you can find it the Vincent SA-93 is the preamp that the Kavent S-33 is based off of. They look very similar. I also own the Kavent S-33 and I really enjoy it with either a solid state or tube amp. I've got it paired now with a Jolida JD-502P and really like the pairing. The S-33/SA 93 also has a gain select button which I find rather useful. If a recording is too hot I can take it down a notch with the gain adjustment feature. Jedinite24 knows it says "SA-93" on one of the S-33 circuit boards, and as far as I can tell it is EXACTLY the same preamp (dual mono balanced with an isolated double transformer power supply on the same chassis), which means if mine breaks I can (hopefully) send it to a Vincent repair shop. I have no idea why Kavent and Vincent were the same things with different cosmetics...some marketing issue maybe, but still a little weird.
Thank you all for help

So what pre will be best with my system?


Vincent SA-93
Bel Canto pre3
Primare P30
Muse Model 3 Signature
Audio Research LS9
Emotiva XSP-1
BAT VK3i (let's say i can find it under 1k)
Adcom GFP-750
Wyred mPre
Parasound P5
Hegel P20 (i may get it)
Thank you all for help

So what pre will be best with my system?

I should John McEnroe here.
Oh sorry my English Timrhu. I don't get you.

How about eastern electric avant?
Mahlerian, I would not have guessed English was not your first language by your postings.
What I meant by my post is, only you will be able to decide which of the suggested preamps will work best in your system.
Oh yes Timrhu, you're right. Unfortunately i can't try most of them in my country so i have to decide without listen them. That's why i want to be sure.

I read good things about Avant Pre.

How about it?

Thank you
save for a BAT VK-3ix, They actually show up used here from time to time but are worth every penny new
Thanks Velocityofhue
Someone just listed a BAT 5i. They are asking $1500 for it but it looks like the seller may negotiate on price. You would probably have to spend a little more than your budget allows, but I say its worth it. The preamp is the most important component in the system to get right.
Yes Zd542,

I saw it. Thank you

But my power has only RCA input.

I think 5i doesn't have RCA output.

And we use 240 volt in here. This might be a problem.

Thank you again