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Anyone hear the Class D Audio Mini GaN 5 amp yet?
Checked out that review thread. Not a place I’ll be frequenting. Ugh! With a few more evenings of listening time, a few more observations. Bass and dynamics are really superb. Both those elements got slightly better with playing time. I find this ... 
Anyone hear the Class D Audio Mini GaN 5 amp yet?
Greetings all. Just getting back into the audio game after a 9 year absence. Just got one in today and after only about 2.5 hours of playing I’m very impressed. Best Class D I’ve ever heard and I’ve had the best the like of Bel Canto and Wyred 4 S... 
Paul Weitzel from Tube Research Labs
Very sad news.  Truly a stand-up, honest and kind man.  We have lost one of the good guys.  My condolences to Brian and his family as well. 
RMAF - Loudspeakers that you don't want to miss
Spatial Audio Hologram 
Speaker cables to smoothen things up
Spatial Audio Quantum Field speaker cables and/or pair of their VB1's should do the trick. 
Paradigm 100 v2 vs. 20 v5?
If you want to make your 100's sound significantly better, you should try a pair of Spatial Audio's Velocity Bridges (VB1)with your Paradigms. I'm using them on a pair of S8's version 1 with stellar results. By far the best $200 I have ever spent ... 
Speaker cable recommendations
Spatial Computer Quantum Field cables. Also take a look at their Velocity Bridge product. The combination is the best I've ever heard - or should I say not heard? 
Planar V.S. Open baffles: Magnepans or Phy-hps?
You might want to check out Spatial Computer's new Trilogy line that's about to be released. You will need to chat with Clayton Shaw as I don't believe he has released the details to the general public just yet. 
Oppo BD 105, stand alone DAC, or music streamer
The 105 analog is quite good. Very good USB DAC as well. I'm one of those who run it directly into amps (W4S Mamps). The 105 appears to like amps with a higher input impedance based on my experiences. Really very happy with the combination. So sim... 
Bi wiring with separate cables
Keith:If you are located in Tucson and would like to listen to some new speaker cable and noise reduction technology, PM me. I'm using Spatial Audio Quantum speaker cables along with their Velocity Bridge device with outstanding results. 
best Bi Wire
Best speaker cables I have heard at any price are the Spatial Audio quantum field cables. I've had top-of-the line cables for the likes of Acoustic Zen, Straight Wire and others that are nowhere near as good.Throw in a pair of their Velocity Bridg... 
Audio Horizons TD 3.1 DAC ... Has Anyone Heard It?
The stock (I believe Russian tubes)are horrible. I switched to a vintage Mullard tube made in Holland. No comparison. So much better. Vic and Joseph are great guys to work with but there are just so many new DACs and associated technology out ther... 
Audio Horizons TD 3.1 DAC ... Has Anyone Heard It?
Use to own one before it was stolen in a home burglary. Mine was second from top of the line in terms of options. It had a slightly laid-back presentation with deep sound stage. A tad on the dark side but that was probably due to the type of tubes... 
Tweeter type and brightness
You can try a pair of Spatial Computer VB1's first before moving to a new speaker. Darn near removed all the glare and harshness for the aluminum dome tweeters on my Paradigm S8 V1's. Check out their web site for more details. Money back guarantee... 
Using Digital Active Crossovers
Some optionsSoftware based: Pure Music, JRiver, AudiolensComponent: DBX, Deqx, Mini DSPI have owned DBX and Deqx products in the past. Moving to a tri-amped configuration using Pure Music in a few months. Just waiting on the next release of the Ma...