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BAT VK-53se vs 43se
what tubes do you recommend trying out rlb61? I've got that VK-3ix they produced years ago and never tried tube swapping. 
heavy metal
"High on fire" now thats good stuff Fujindemon, I actually caught them live at a session they recorded to vinyl recently in nyc. I will eventually cave in and get both volumes they made out of the performances. Facemelting and in prime playing for... 
Need info on amp rec. for these Thiel cs2.4's
Great tastes, Miles is amazing and it's nice many recordings are available. Take a listen to "In a silent way" on mofi wax, I've yet to own but love the recording. Very relaxing! Pink Floyd division bell sends chills when I listen to it, Possibly ... 
Preamp with XLR input under 1k?
save for a BAT VK-3ix, They actually show up used here from time to time but are worth every penny new 
Your favorite place to order new vinyl.
Acoustic Sounds delivers them perfect minty fresh every time 
Opposite of Thiel
High quality tube preamp would be the 1st suggestion. 
What amps do Electrical Engineers own...why?
monoblock design, fully balanced circuit, massive horsepower, Heavy build and heat generating capability. All of these criteria just happened to end up being designed into a very musical sounding and beautiful casing. The key is patience to find i... 
Ayre K5xe vs BAT Pre
I would get the BAT "tube" preamp. It should sound marvelous with XLR connections to your amp. 
Speaker Cable Recommendation
the 1st, best sounding, and cheapest pair I own are Cardas Quadlink. Question though... How does it sound with cheap wire? 
Sota Sapphire?
Geoffj85 I cannot say enough about how good the SME 309 and Dynavector 10x5 sounds on my sapphire. It also has the upgraded arm board as well which helps I'm sure. 
stack speakers question
I thought so shakeydeal but just had to ask anyway to see what other people would think. Just reading up on bookshelf stands alone facts are thrown around about cabinet resonance which sort of tells me no (not smart to stack) As per slik's recomme... 
stack speakers question
thanks for the info plato, I really wouldn't want to harm the amplifier could it do damage? I should also point out that the amp preamp only allows me to go to the first number on the vol control as it is and its loud enough. (some cd's 7) Both ar... 
Better Blu-ray player....
I have owned the 2500BTCI for five years and it's a great machine with army tank construction. I was drawn towards it by the simplistic design approach "all inside the box" Though it's slow to load it has the best Bluray picture I've seen and use ... 
Waterlogged Thiel CS-3.6
Hi Boonetrc sounds like we share the 3 pair of Thiel speakers syndrome. I'm terribly sorry to hear about your loss, That actually sounds reasonaable to get them redone in my opinion. Then of course if you have always wanted the CS2.4 model then I'... 
Best Metal Vinyl Album
Opeth opening for Mastodon was awesome, What a combination of amazing musicOpeth heritage is an unbelievable blend of prog metal goodness Any metal head that hasnt heard Mastodon Leviathan needs to order it asap and prepare themselves to be comple...