Pre Pro And Amplifier Instead Of Receiver

My Onkyo 807 receiver just quit.

How would you spend your money if you had $1200.00 or less to spend on a pre owned pre pro and amplifier for 5.1 home theater?

I seem to use my system in a very basic way just watching satellite tv and blue ray. I occasionally stream net flix thru apple tv. My speakers are salk songtowers and are efficient. I enjoy great sound quality within the budget.
I always liked Onkyo HT receivers, why not just purchase another one?

Crutchfield has the Onkyo 828 for $750 all in, including shipping.

That is probably the route I would go.

I agree with Rich. I have used an Onkyo 805 for years. I use separate amps to do the heavy lifting. My unit has lasted years perhaps because it never gets hot. Later you can add a pre amp with HT bypass. I now use a tubed pre amp that way. Later you can add better main amps for the fronts. Onkyo gives you the processing of Audessey. I use Outlaw Audio monos but Emotiva makes good value amps as well. Good luck.
Another option to consider; buy the receiver that provides the best bang for your budget. Then in a few years if you have the funds, buy a separate amp and use the receiver as a pre amp. Then if you want, you can have a two channel amp for two channel listening and still use your receiver for all multi-channel tasks.
New gear: Emotiva UMC 200 and UPA 500 both for $1000
Used gear can be limitless on Audiogon. Stay future proofed as much as possible such as HDMI and 24/192
Thank you all for your responses!

I will admit that in general I have enjoyed my Onkyo 807 and would consider another onkyo but it appears the reliability factor with the hdmi boards and audio drop outs plague multiple of their models. At present, I'm feeling like reliability is pretty important.

I assume the thought process for going for another receiver vs a used pre pro and used amp, is my budget is a bit low and the newer receivers have the latest video capabilities?

The new Emo gear is appealing. Would the quality be better than a new receiver? Anybody tried the UMC-200 pre pro and UPA 500 amps together?

My use for this set up will be 100% home theater.

Thank You!
I'm not sure that you could find separates that include Audyssey xt32 witin your budget. OTOH, a number of AVRs (including all the Onkyo variants mentioned above) include it. For me, that would probably be the dispositive factor. You needn't stick with Onkyo (Tho I would - and did) , but I would definitely stick with xt32.