Angling speakers up instead of high stands

Does angling speakers up to compensate for their being to low make a difference or do they have to be at ear level? I've never tried this.
I personally feel that they sound better at ear level. I started with 9" stands angled up at approx 15 degrees then tried straight. At that low height the angling sounded a bit better but lost the bass reflections from the floor. Then I switched to 19" stands and tried straight versus angling (approx 5 and 10 degrees). I prefer straight but also found that 24' stands would be best with my speakers firing straight/level. As I lift monitors higher I loose the bass but gain soundstage and imaging. I added a sub and never knew monitors could sound so 'full'.
Why not simply try it and see.

Of course too much up angle is going to cause increased ceiling reflections but every room/speaker/listening position is different.

In general music sounds better with tweeters/midrange AT or ABOVE ear level. This is why stands are so popular.
Something like this?
My experience is that ear level or a bit higher is the best, and the heavier more solid the stand the better.

I tried the maple shade stands, refered to above, with over all lousy results. Soundstage was esentially gone, imaging - gone, detail - gone. For what it is worth, my attempt involved three different sets of monitors (Jamo, Talon & Opera) with multiple speaker cords. The results were the same for all permutations. If the wood they used wasn't so ugly, they would make good door stops.
Those maplesahdes are very reasonably priced at least.