Please answer for dummies: Any way to increase power from a Chinese tube amp?

I decided to set up a second audio system in my bedroom mostly to learn and play around with.  Initially I had an old Marantz receiver but became interested in some of the Chinese knock-offs.  I bought a pair of the Mistral "LS3/5a" speakers and was pleased with them for the price.  Then I decided to see what a vacuum tube amp sounded like and bought a Chinese tube amp (Reisong 12 watts per channel).  I like that too except that now I am wanting to play it louder and some sources seem to have less volume than others.  So...I was wondering if there is anything I can do inexpensively that would would work with the Chinese tube amp to give it more power.  I listen to everything from classical to 70s rock to jazz and country and I mostly either stream from Amazon Prime via a Sonos Connect or play vinyl on my Teac TN300 with an Ortofon 2M Red or listen to an occasional CD on my Denon DCD 620.  I am nearly 80 and can't afford to purchase new audiophile level pieces. And did I say that I do not understand most of what I read on these threads so write simply.
More horsepower (watts/voltage) needed for those low-sensitivity Mistrals! Look for a used NAD or Proton integrated amp. They can often be found for not much money! I paid $50 for my Proton - and sounds as good as any four-figure amp. Good engineering costs no more than bad engineering!
There is no way to get more watts/volts out of your Ch*nese tube amp. Of course you could ditch the Mistrals and get a pair of Altec Valencia's (owned a pair myself!). But these would be out of your budget.
ask it to investigate. Biden ?
@mdpc - Do any of the sources attached to the second system generate enough volume for you? What are your source components? Which ones don't generate enough volume?

You may need more efficient speakers, or you may need more power. However, if some sources are OK, there may be some other issue.
@reubent  "Do any of the sources attached to the second system generate enough volume for you? What are your source components? Which ones don't generate enough volume?  

Actually the turntable and CD player generate plenty of volume but I guess I have been streaming more recently and that pushes it.  I have the volume control on the Amp and the volume control on my iPhone Sonos app and both have to be at near maximum sometimes.  That provides enough volume but I have been unsure what downside may come from having both volumes near max.
what downside may come from having both volumes near max.
Don't worry about it, turn the volume knob near max. actually give you better sound quality, just remember to turn the volume down before you change sources.
If that Reisong amplifier is the A10 EL34 SET 12w amp.
there is your problem.
I have direct experience with that amplifier and it is I am afraid to say gutless.  Totally unsuitable for your speakers.
The LS3/5A in all its various incarnations,  will not go loud, they are not designed to go loud, designed for close to the speaker listening ie:   they are near field monitors originally designed by the BBC for use in their outside broadcast vans.
Best bet is to sell the amp and get a second hand solid state amp 30-80w.   NAD would be quite a good choice.,

Even if you change your speakers and keep the amp from my experience that amp battled with my Klipsch's and you do not get many speakers like them that are okay on such an amp. 

IF you really like the amp, and/or its price, can it be used as a more powerful mono block and get a second one thereby doubling your power? How might you keep/control both volume and balance?
Agree with the above posters that your speakers aren't efficient enough, and/or your amp isn't powerful enough. I also agree that you could increase volume control on the streamer but the problem is REMEMBERING TO TURN IT BACK DOWN BEFORE YOU LISTEN TO RECORDS OR CDs. So, for that reason, I would suggest you get different speakers or get a different amp.
Thanks for all the responses.  I like the tube amp and I like the speakers. I appreciate imhififan7  commenting on my being able to safely play with both the app and amp volume controls turned up.  I can manage to avoid switching to CD or Vinyl while the volume is turned up.  I am preparing to take off for a vacation and will not be able to respond to additional comments.  Thanks again..  
any feedback on your reisong?