Increase VTF to help with skipping?

I have a Dynavector 10x5 installed on a Clearaudio Concept with the stock magnetic bearing tonearm.  I've recently moved and immediately noticed a lot more vibration from footfalls and my subwoofer.  My cart has a suggested VTF of 1.8-2.2g.  Would setting it to 2.2 or even 2.5g help with the issue?

Your issue is component vibration isolation, not cartridge VTF.  Try some sort of vibration control on the turntable first.
If your table is vibrating so much its skipping the solution is NOT more VTF. The vibrations will still make it skip, only now it will hit back down with even more force. Which will still be happening even if it does somehow eliminate the skipping. 

Instead what you should do is investigate what exactly is causing the instability in the first place. Is the floor shoddy? The rack? The wall? 

Check the Anti-Skate setting as well ...
You nailed the problem in your initial post OP.

You moved and now it is vibration prone.

Obviously it was not an issue prior to this.?
So the only real solution is to figure out what is different.
Likely not your TT or the rack if they are same as before the move.
Is the floor itself very different from previous location?
Can you move the tt to any different positions to see if problem at least changes?

Located now in a different position on the rack or rack is not isolated the same way it was in previous dwelling?

Once you figure out how to isolate it from,vibration to be on a par with your previous location your problem will be resolved.

Cranking up the VTF is not the solution even if it might appear to work. It would be a band aid at best and a cartridge killer ( faster stylus wear or even cantilever deformation) at worst.
rego....forget antiskate..... 

Jeff....if your floors are causing this, secure your turntable table to the wall.  Put a piece of appropriate size wood between the table and the wall to see if it still bounces.
as it is not only floor but subwoofer also, try to rearrange your TT with a wall mount stand. Increasing VTF or play with AS  will not cure the problem, bass units may suffer also due to excessive movement.
Cheaper solutions are to add mass under the TT base. And use some anti vibration material directly under the TT. 
Brick, work ofr mass. I have used concrete patio slabs. "Isolate It!" sorbothane. If you rent you cannot add on a wall rack anyway...A boeard large enough, stiff nough supported on 30 duro sorbothane, (and check the weight it is designed to carry)  then the usual TT stuff on top of that platform.
"rego....forget antiskate....."
" Yes, the antiskating affects the VTF"
Just saying it's worth checking ...