How to increase the gain on a preamp

I just received a preamp I bought a week ago, and it sounds fabulous, but the gain is very low specially when playing vinyl, I use an MC cartridge, and the volume knob is all the way up, what can I do remedy this situation?
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The question cannot be answered without knowing what the preamp model and cartridge are.
Is it possible that you are running a low output MC into a MM or low gain phono stage? If so, you may need to use a Step Up Transformer (SUT) for your phono.
Use MM cartridge instead. It's way cheaper than SUT.
Agree with Onhwy61 and Jmcgrogan2. It sounds like you may not have enough gain in your MC stage to properly amplify the signal from your cartridge, but we'd need to know how much gain you have in the phono stage and the output of the cartridge. An SUT (which I have used in the past and found very effective, but a bit pricey) or a higher output cartridge may be in order.
What Onhwy61 said.
Details will help here. How much gain does the phono stage have? What is the output of your MC (not clear if it is HOMC or LOMC from your post)? Do you have this gain problem with any non-phono input?

You could also buy an external phono stage that can provide the gain you need if you don't want to cahnge carts or get into SUTs.
Dear Marcell728: You have to contact the manufacturer or use a higher output cartridge.

Regards and enjnoy the music,
Sitation normal. Your preamp has gain only for a movingmagnet cartridge, or a high gain moving coil.
You cart is most likely a lower gain type.
You need a step up transformer for your cart, or buya high gain cart.
How do you guys know so much?
Marcel has not told us bupkes about his system.
If it is a matter of not enough gain, then there is another alternative to a SUT or higher output cart. Pre-pre-amp also known as headamp, which would go between cart and phono stage.
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Remedy almost found, thanks guys.
Dear Elizabeth, There are several alternative explanations for the OPs reported
observation. That's "plain as day" to me. Anyway his
"remedy" is "almost found". Perhaps he poured some
snake oil on his phono stage.
Let me be the first to guess the remedy -- I think he hit it with a hammer.
My guess is he adjusted the rabbit ears!!
Most likely he changed to larger cables to increase the gain
Most likely he switched to a ceramic cartridge.
Come on Marcel, you have to tell us what you did. Speculation is rampant, and inquiring minds want to know!!
Not really.