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Responses from oros

What is your favorite High EFF speaker
Cornscala,  Zingali Twenty Evo 1.2 
Horn Speaker Recommendations
Zingali or Cornscala 
Horn based loudspeakers why the controversy?
Took the plunge and had a set of Cornscala "D's" built.These speakers do everything I want from a speaker.For the price they are fantastic, ugly as sin yes, but appearance is of no concern to me.  They out perform my mates Tannoy Kingdoms Royal's ... 
Best of both worlds, Vandersteen and B&W
Have Vandersteen 2ce signatures and have had B&W Matrix 802's and 805's the B&W's made my ears bleed.  The Vandies are a far better all round speaker IMO. Never had any complaint regarding any aspects regarding the sound they go low and th... 
Are audiophiles still out of their minds?
I never get into cable debates, I am not looking for trouble.Pays you money and takes you pick, who cares, whatever rocks your boat.Are Audiophiles Mad?   Anybody who labels himself/herself as anything let alone an Audiofool must be Daft. IMO.It i... 
CD players that make for a great transport
JVC XL-Z series CDP's - great transport mechanisms.  Bullet proof last forever.Make great transports can be Picked up for Peanuts.But hush it is a secrete, how can anything like that be good.Keep it under your hat before they all get snapped up.At... 
What makes an expensive speaker expensive
The Brand it is all about the Brand you are being sold on the brand and it's perceived quality.Looks good well made and well finished all Bling, a great piece of furniture.Must be good, it costs a small fortune right.Have heard DIY efforts that ab... 
Upsampling - but seriously folks
Upsampling????   Do not get it at all, just like politics a lot of Hooey. IMO. 
Integrated for Vandersteen 2ce sigII
Open baffle Needs power?????Not the ones I have had experience with. 2CE's do not need power contrary to all the talk out there.They are an easy drive despite the sensitivity.They have a first order crossover, makes it easy to drive.Have driven mi... 
Vandersteen 2xx - 100,000 units?
Use a 32 w Line Magnetic 211IA on my 2CE signatures with very satisfactory results. They even thrive on 12 w Triode.  No Difference between that and my Consonance Cyber 800 mono blocks @ 78 w, toss a coin.These speakers do not need gobs of power, ... 
I am sick of Adele
Terrible Diction, her  music is far to self absorbed, and she Honks. not my cup of tea.  She is no Ella by a long chalk.  
Amps which are Great, but either Unknown or Underpriced
Second Line Magnetic, great amps, ultra reliable built like a German Tank not a Russian one, with a great sound, at a great price..Also Opera Consonance, real class sound, excellent reliability, and beyond reproach build quality. 
When is your Hifi good enough?
When You start listening to the music and simply enjoy it. When you stop obsessing and nit picking and or run out of money and come to your senses.  After realising you have spent more on equipment than your car. 
Klipsch KG4 v. Vandersteen 2ce NOT Sig
Old thread but I had to respondI have the 2CE Signatures and the KG 4'sKG 4 are such fun feel and sound like live music, very dynamic.2CE's better in the audiophile sense of the word.Have them both rigged up to the same source:  Modified Jolida JD... 
Best used floor standers up to $1300
Klipsch KG 4's can be had for about $300 in good condition.Can do a Crites Titanium Tweeter upgrade and a crossover rebuild for next to nothing.Blow the Roof off on Mini Watts, Not amp fussy, great bass and detail, plus they sound Great with all t...