PayPal Frustration/Issue Heads-Up

In just over a month I have tried to sell 3 relatively expensive pieces of equipment on Audiogon (B&W HTM-1, B&W N801 and an Oppo UDP-205) and on each occasion had the buyers PayPal transaction refunded/rejected as soon as the buyer paid. I now know why.

Audiogon Admin were very helpful trying to resolve the problem. Turns out the problem has nothing to do with Audiogon, it is purely a PayPal problem. I have just been on the phone to PayPal, a very protracted and frustrating process (not recommended!) and found out why the PayPal payments were rejected/refunded. Apparently my account was not verified for a large transaction, it is now. What really annoys me is; this is the third time in just over a month I have tried to sell equipment on Audiogon and this has happened, why did PayPal not alert me to the problem?

If you have a balance on your PayPal account, the verification process (apparently) is simple and can be done online. However, in my case I do not keep money in PayPal. So I had to spend another 30 minutes on the phone contacting another PayPal administrator to get my account verified, again not recommended.

So, my advise to anyone selling on Audiogon is to make sure your PayPal account is verified. The best way to do this is to have a balance on your PayPal account so the process can be done online. Alternatively, if you like anger, frustration, boredom and wasting time; do what I did (not recommended)!
@mgattmch  Appreciate you posting this. This has been a recent problem and not at all anything to do with Audiogon. The circumstances may vary by users, so would appreciate any other members responding if this has happened to them. 
Thanks for the heads up.  Any idea what the "magic number" is that triggers the rejection?  I ask because I sold an item on-line recently for just under $500., did not have a balance in my Paypal account, and had no problem.
rshak, I am not sure. All 3 items were priced at greater than $1k. Maybe, this is the limit?
Anyone who buys and sells here with a Paypal account shoul make sure their account is verified.  I did it when I opened my account 12 years ago.  It is not a fault of PayPal as it is there for fraud purposes, it is your fault for not verifying the account.  Why didn’t you call them after the first time you had a problem?  Did you think it would go away by itself?  I don’t keep any money in my PayPal account, but because my account is verified, I don’t have problems. The biggest transaction I have done is around 6K.  

PayPal fronts the money to the seller and without your account being verified, they could get screwed out of a lot of money.  Sorry, but this one is on you pal. 
I recently purchased some speakers for $9.8k using PayPal, no problem. The 3 items I was selling are $5.5K, $1.4K and the last one was for $2.95k. The first 2 were originally rejected then processed on the second attempt. I have been using PayPal for maybe 10 years without issue, I am sure I must have verified the account at some time in the past. So I am still puzzled as to what went wrong now.

Re the comment from "riley804", your post concerns payments up to $10k, not the case in this instance.

Like the Audiogon Admin said, this is not an isolated incident. I am not complaining, just trying to give everyone a heads-up to prevent recurrence of the problem.
Purchasing is different from selling as they don’t front the money to the purchaser, just the seller. . Glad it worked out for you.
Same thing happened to me as a buyer here on Audiogon.I use PayPal often for large and small amounts and this is the first time it's happened.I don't keep a balance ever and my account is verified.It was terribly frustrating!Tammy reopened the ad for me and the next time It went through as normal.
I was freaking out a bit because it stated that the seller had been paid but in fact he was not.
I thought if PayPal had your CC on file, then there's no problem. In case of a transaction gone awry, the account holder's credit card is used.

we should all get together and start our own PP co. charge 1% and even split 20 ways we would be set for live.
It's a weird glitch.Doesn't matter how many cards or accounts are listed on the PP account.You pay the seller then PP immediately refunds the payment back.We tried having the seller email a request for payment as a way around it but that failed too.Read the notifications from PP carefully!
I already have a support ticket in to Audiogon for this but I want to ask the community also: I'm trying to sell a product, and, to set up to allow Paypal payment, I need to verify my account. I did that, following all instructions, so in Paypal it says my bank account is "Confirmed". But....  when I now get to the part in Audiogon where it says "Check to see if your account is verified" it returns "Sorry Audiogon cannot verify your account".  And I can't proceed any further. 
   So what gives? 
@zug   Send another ticket to [email protected],  but put attention: Tammy. I will be glad to help.