PASS LABS XP-22 vs. XP-12


I recently acquired pass labs monoblocks 260.8 and am using a pass labs xp-17 phono preamplifier.  I am using Harbeth 40.2 speakers. 

 I am currently auditioning the pass labs xp-12 preamp and like it but wondering if should ask reno hifi to demo the xp-22.  I am only using the turntable on the linestage although perhaps will add digital to it at some point.  

If anyone has heard both would be interested especially in their opinion.

I could get a non Pass preamp but would cost me about $1000 in package deal value from reno hifi so for now gonna stick to an all pass system......
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I am using a Pass XA-25 and considered the XP-12, but tried a Backert Labs Rhumba 1.3.  It is a superb preamp and makes a wonderful combination with my Pass.  And it is less expensive than the XP-12.
I purchased an XP-12 in December 17, and was very happy overall with the sound. 

Incidentally, the Pass XP-22 dropped right after I purchased the XP-12, and was tempted. 

When I inserted the 22, I found it to just be a better version of the 12. Last generation, the 10 versus the 20 was as much about slight tonal changes as improvement, with some people preferring the 10. 

With the 22 over the 12 you get just more of everything great. Blacker background, more details, tighter and more detailed bass, and a little larger soundstage.

I felt the upgrade was worth it, and am still rocking my 22.
I will audition the xp22 next week and check it out.....
Purchased the X250.8 a while ago, then picked up the XP-12, very happy with these choices but now pondering either upgrade to XP-22 or would love to upgrade my phono section to a XP-17. Would also love a Marantz SA-10 although I have a great DAC already.
 So many choices but not enough coin to go around.Leaning towards the XP-17 now that the XP-12 would do the phono section justice.