jm lab mezzo /passlabs 600-good synergy?

Versus jeff rowland 201/302
I would go with Pass,Krell,Mcintosh ect. The French don't need our money. I had the Micromega stage 2 cd player back in the mid 90's, THE biggest piece of garbage I have ever owned for $900.00 I think they spit inside the case because the drawer never worked right after the first few months, I eventually threw it een zeee garbaage.
I have heard that some of the YBA are a bit thin on the lower frequency.I am not sure whether is the smaller /older models.
I have had a pair of mezzo`s for 2 or so years, I`ve been using a Mcintosh mc352 c42 combo it was good but I desired it to be better so after 4 months of research I purchased a BAT vk51se I can now say it`s really good. The mc352 is good amp maybe not the best but for what for it`s going for it`s a good buy. I do plan to buy a BAT 75se within the next year going in the tube direction.

The pass 600 is a great amp I`ve listened to it many all with different speaker combo`s all with great results althought not coupled with the mezzo`s this would be a great combo with the right preamp. Moral to the story with the right amp/pre those mezzo`s will shine. David
What would be a good combo preamp with Pass 600.I have a levinson 380s-neutral and dynamic.How is the Pass 600 in the low /mid low freq resolution with other speakers
Nreddy: I match X600 with ARC REF2 preamp and Cello Stradivari Master speakers. The REF2 adds a bit more sweetness and warmness to the top end and mid-range. IMHO, X600 works quite well with Cello Stradivari Master speakers for all ranges.
About yba being thin on the lower end.I have replaced the Bryston 14bsst with the YBA mono passions difference was huge there bass output is incredible.I can assure Nreddy that the big YBAs are fantastic across the full frequency range.