Original Plinius Sa-100 series amps for Shahinians

I have read in the archives much about the hum problem of these amps. I am looking for an amp for Shahinian Diapasons. Apparently the hum problem was fixed with the Mk3's use of two power transformers. There happens to be a Mk2 available right now on the GON. How bad was this problem and how expensive would it be to have it upgraded to the MK3 version if it was needed? Were there any other sonic differences between the Mk2 and Mk 3?
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I've been a fan of Plinius, and I've never heard any SA100 hum...any series.
I had a friend in New Jersey who bought a Plinius and hooked it to the big Ariel speakers. The hum was so bad it was unlistenable for any length of time. I understand that the hum depended on how the house was wired, and I don't remember if it was even correctable. Caution.
Do you know which Plinius that he bought? I live in Chicago so this would be of particular concern. Bob
Hum: As I wrote in other thread I owned Plinius SA-102. Excellent amplifier for its power rating but I did have a HUM. I sent it back to distributor who could do nothing about it and I had to sell it.
This is making me scratch my head a bit! Dick Shahinian Recommends the amp and many say the amps hum. My concern is that my Beveridge 2sw's also hum here in the middle of the Windy City! Concerned about the hum making a repeat performance! Bob
I have heard a Plinius SA 100 drive Diapasons right in Shahinian's factory with no hum - so I know it's possible. However, since I don't know myself if it's a unit to unit thing or otherwise, for the money you'd spend you might be better off getting the AVA Ultra 550. It can drive these speakers with no hum and sound also very nice.
I owned an SA-102 for several years... no hum & no problems.
"Dick Shahinian Recommends the amp... "

He also recommended this amp (Plinius SA-102) to me too. However, Dick had two SA-102's in monoblock mode (or two 100's) at that time with FOUR time more power which he did not told me...

Regarding the hum - I described experience with my own amp, nothing more.
No hum problems with the SA-100Mk3. I would suggest going with the Mk3 in the SA-100 series as a minimum due to the presence of dual transformers.

Good luck.