Kimber Palladian or Lessloss DFPC Original

Has anyone had the opportunity to audition these two well reviewed power cords? My budget is around $500 dollars per cord. There are a couple of used Palladians on this site that fall into my budget range and LessLoss currently has a sale on their DFPC Originals. FYI... I am looking to upgrade the power cords on my Cary Audio CAD 120-S amplifier and my Prima Luna Prologue 8 CDP. Thanks for your time.
This may be sort of a stretch... many years ago I compared a Shunyata Python Alpha with a Palladian PK10 and thought the Python was significantly more balanced, neutral and transparent - overall superior. Years later I compared a Shunyata Anaconda Alpha, w/c is superior to the Python, to the Lessloss DFPC. I thought the Lessloss and the Anaconda where in the same league, different voicing, but both up there. IMS I suspect the Lessloss will very easily better the Palladian.
I `ve have not heard the LessLoss but use Kimber Palladians throughout my system. What I have heard has been articulate bass, more dynamics, an organic sound with a sense of ease of the music, everything sounds smoother in the system and no fatigue at all.
Are you going to use these power cords as tone controls or are you looking for extremely quiet and neutral power cords to show you what your components are capable of?

If you're looking for the latter, I know of two or three power cords from fellow Audiogoners that are not listed yet that may fit your bill for $450.00 each.

Thanks everyone for the responses so far. Krell-man, to answer your question, I am definitely looking for neutral cords that bring out the best in my components. Let me fill in the gaps regarding the rest of my system... I have the Salk Sound HT2-TL speakers and a Dodd Audio battery powered preamp... My interconnects are the Kimber Select KS 1021 from my source to my pre and the KS 1016 from my pre to my amp. I hope that helps with the recommendations. Thanks.
I sent you an email.

Check out this review too when you get some time:

You could get some educated opinions on this subject from the Houston Audio Society.

We meet monthly, and have compared power cords, etc.