Options besides the PS Audio Powerplants

Yes, PS Audio has revolutionized the plc market. But what about other aletrnatives such as MIT Z series or AudioPower wedges. These units can be had cheaply on the used market or should I just save my pennies for the PS Audio?
Save for the PS Audio. I replaced my Powerwedge w/ a PS600, the difference was not subtle. Read the product literature. Each unit has its own approach, but I believe the PS Audio has the most far reaching and effective solution. It's not cheap, but it's essential for any system that has got the fundamentals (good source components, careful speaker placement and some room treatment) down. Good luck!
I've had Tice, power wedges, MIT Z Stabilzer and the Seakay Line Rover (which I still use). None of these made nearly as much of a difference as the Power Plant, in my view.
Onhwy61...RCprince is right, get the PS Audio power plant. You won't be sorry. Most likely the reason your seeing all these other units on the market is because people are replacing them with power plants.
Save your money and buy a better dac. I used to do all the goofy tweeks but now I just upgrade my gear and get way better results.
Forget about the power plant it hurts more than helps your system. Upgrade your power cords, Fat Boy, EEL and Cobra are excellent cords.
I agree with Joe2001, after I upgraded PC's (FIM and Ensemble) the PS Audio hurt far more than it helped. I got rid of the PS Audio and got an Ensemble power strip.
Abruce: Interesting, because I've got some very effective power cords (Full Spectrum) and find that the PS Audio helps with them, rather than hinders. I acknowledge that top notch power cords can be a significant improvement, but ya gotta factor in the cost if you've got a lot of components. The PS Audio is a cost-effective component in that situation.
Abruce, I am very interested to hear your thoughts on the Ensemble Mega Power Point (you do have the mega version right?). I am interested in it and I would like your opinion on how it beat the PS Audio in your system. Also, do you have your amps plugged into it?
Another alternative that you may want to entertain is waiting for Shunyata Research's "Hydra" power conditioner (supposed to retail around $2,000). If it's anything like their power cords, it's at least worth a listen. Like everything else in audio, won't be everyone's cup of tea, so audition before you buy.
I bought a PS P300 after reading all the great things people where saying about them. I thought it was great, and was very pleased, but the improvment it offers doesn't even come close to what The Powersnakes King Cobra did for my system. I still use my P300 as well as I think it still helps, but I got a lot more by upgrading my powercords to Shunyata power cords.
I think one should use the money to upgrade preamp, dac etc instead of having a so call 'powerplant'. Often such devices add colour to the music and it arrests the dynamic of the gear plug-in.
The responses definitely argue in favor of try before you buy. I do not use any power conditioning device... yet.
Research Audio tekne truly revolutionary.
I think the powerplant is great. I have a Audio Research LS 2B pre-amp with a Theta Jade & Gen Va and Genesis Digital Lens. Everthing is balanced. The powerplant makes my speakers sound much deeper and with a blacker background. Try it ,what do you have to lose,you get a 30 day in home trial and PS Audio is one of the nicest places to deal with.