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Looking for info on the new Krell hts
Samski, Where did you hear of this? Was there any mention of upgradability of the existing hts? They were supposed to have a DVD player out by now, and it isn't. Krell's very cautious about releasing info on new units. 
Why Is Krell the a bad work???
Are we having fun yet??? 
Active or passive preamps?
What's a source for diy passive preamps?? 
Why Is Krell the a bad work???
Vegasears: You should just enjoy the FPB you have. I certainly do. Don't take other's opinions personally. Krell 1 and Nanderson made great comments. I always thought those who have STRONG anti-Krell opinions are strange. When I hear thoughtfully ... 
Romantic HiFi Getaway Weekend?!?
Uhhhh... I recommend the Bay Area too!!!!!!! 
Attention Deficit Disorder Audiophilia
Wow! Doing that stuff is sheer heresy! ;) Medically, we call it audiophilia nervosa. heh heh! 
How do you feel about your system?
I have a love affair with my system! Each piece is synergistic with the others. And I feel fortunate to have had great help in putting it all together, along with the funds. I feel good that I've connected with so many wonderful guys here so that ... 
Anything better than Proceed?
All good responses. I find my Krell HTS and Krell amps with all Aerial speakers to be outstanding on surround and stereo. The HT world is in a constant state of change, so I think it's important to ensure that you also have a good stereo setup; I'... 
Krell HTS vs. Proceed AVP
I've heard so many pre/pros. I ended up with an HTS with Krell amps. In my search, I found that the HTS and Proceed can sound good or bad depending on the configurations used in the listening rooms. I actually believe that both units are good, but... 
What does everyone think of shahinian?
I met Dick many years ago, and he not only loves music, but can tweak with the best of the speaker designers. You've got to listen to his wares to see whether they float your boat. 
How did U get into this expensive hobby?
Leafs: It would be more productive for you to not bash our contributors who do indeed love music and are most knowledgeable. 
Greatest Guitar Band
Jim, Thanks for remembering Quicksilver as Dekay did. I used to stand right in front of them watching John Cippolina. Ahhh, the good old days. And I sure do remember Alvin Lee. I wonder if I was at the Shrine for that particular concert, since I w... 
AV preamp
Good that you mentioned your price. I don't know of anything good in that amount... Maybe look at used EAD Encores. I use a Krell HTS. 
Greatest Guitar Band
Many good, some even great, and interesting comments. I say without hesitation or verbiage that the answer to the question is Aerosmith! 
Granite instead of an amp stand?
Gee DK, how interesting... Anyway back to Doug's suggestions about putting points under the marble... we had a long thread on shelving material. I suggest looking at that, as it seems the multilayer materials have it down. Maybe lay that on the ma...