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Granite instead of an amp stand?
Well, all I can say is that once I put my Krell fpb 200c on a Zoethecus amp stand, I was stunned with the increase in focus, imaging, etc. I really was amazed! 
Internal Amp Wire: Can it be improved?
When you speak with someone at Krell, make sure it's a tech support person, rather than one in sales. Also if you rewire with Cardas, expect significant breakin time. You might also want to consider Kimber silver wire. 
Best cables for Krell Components
Carl, thanks for giving the appropriate name of the cable. Take a look at your original message stating proline shotgun, and look at http://www.mitcables.com/pages/page69.html. There you will see that there's one called shotgun and another proline... 
Best cables for Krell Components
Carl, your comments on the sounds by frequency of the Cardas NR are interesting. I think we have a case of personal taste and system synergy/interaction. First the main amp is the fpb 200c and my main speakers are Aerial 10Ts. I never had the sens... 
How many of us fall asleep while
DK: Despite so many of my docs supporting my claim, I'm getting rejected a lot. So, what else can I do so to sooth this savage me, moi?? Listen to music! But I've got to get my dose of Howard Stern in the morning... that's why I needed a Fanfare t... 
Best cables for Krell Components
Carl, Thank you very much for the enlightening post, and mentioning that you tried the Cardas Neut Ref ICs. Can you give me a better idea of what you heard with Cardas cables that you didn't like? I will definitely have to give the MIT 330s a list... 
How many of us fall asleep while
Ahhhhhh... I absolutely do fall asleep, day or night, depending on how I feel, whilst listening to music. No, I don't wake up when it's over. I really should remember to put the player on repeat if that's the source. And it doesn't matter how high... 
Why balanced outputs?
I've got a Fanfare FT-1A and totally agree with Gasman. 
Aerial 10t vs B&W 802
Since I'm an Aerial speaker lover, I've got to chime in. The 10Ts, which I have, are a different animal than B&Ws. I do not like the 801 with any electronics, including Levinson. I've got all Krell amps running my SS system, and I got the 10Ts... 
Best Listening Room?
My $0.02: If I were going to build a dedicated listening room, I would hire a professional who does that for a living. There are so many companies that build studios, and I've seen them mention they also do personal listening rooms. I know Michael... 
Best cables for Krell Components
On my Krell equipment, I use Cardas Neutral Reference ICs and Golden Cross speaker cable. I've heard them sound very nice with upper end Tara cables too. 
Anthem AVM-2 Any thoughts / comparisons
Antennahead, You mean that you can only have one component bypassing the digital processing? Hmm... This argues in favor of using a very good preamp and the pre/pro, IMHO. 
Male audiophile seeking Female audiophil
I recommend "You can negotiate anything" by Herb Cohen. The methods helped with many issues, personal and professional. Though I did take a 1 week course on negotiation, and that was simply awesome! There's an art and science to the whole thing, r... 
Genesis Digital Lense
Folks, Speaking of Jimi, what are the current best CD remasters available today? I'd like to add SRV as another artist. I guess I should start another thread, but I'll see what you guys come up with. Thanks in advance. 
Best Bookshelf Speakers
Carl, since I find your comments on components etc. to be extremely enlightening, where do you post your reviews as you mentioned? On this matter, theoretically I cannot think of any benefit in placing speakers within a bookcase/bookshelf.