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Ethics of last minute auction "poaching"
All auctions have their rules of game. If the bidder follow the rules then there is no question of Ethics. It is grossly unfair to someone who happens to find an item of auction to his favour but he is not allowed to bid because the time remaining... 
cables for martin logan prodigies
Prodigy definitely needs bi-wire. Pure silver wire suits the speaker best. Thick sound cable such as Cardas, MIT should be avoided. 
Theil/Classe 6, and listener fatigue
since you have bought classe already there is no alternative but to use interconnect to fine tune the sound. use cardas or audioquest copper cables! 
Top Ten Speakers of All Time?
Epsilon of Infinity 
Options besides the PS Audio Powerplants
I think one should use the money to upgrade preamp, dac etc instead of having a so call 'powerplant'. Often such devices add colour to the music and it arrests the dynamic of the gear plug-in. 
Best DAC Under $5000 - Opinions Please
the swiss product 'Ensemble' DAC is also one of the best. I have auditioned both Mark Levinson 360S and Ensemble and I would choose Ensemble for its noble sound. 360S is too smooth and does not have good dynamics. 
Top Ten Pre Amp Solid State of all time?
I would add 'The Limited Edition' manufactured by Gryphon in Denmark, very often abbreviated as 'LE'. It has an excellent phono section, a product which is excel at Gryphon before they produce the preamp and amplifier. 'LE' only produced 100 sets ... 
power cord for Martin Logan Aerius
I think you can search for some 2nd hand Apex Power cable if you could find them and they match martin logan speakers fine. A 6 feet Apex cord should now cost around USD60. 
Bass Cable-Copper or Silver?
I do not agree that silver cable is bright and 'fatiging'. It is some brand of silver cable that is bright and fatiging. Silver gives the best sound and AQ Dragon Silver speaker cable is much better than any other AQ copper products. Indeed I foun... 
Balanced Preamp Recommendations?
you should indicate your budget amount! 
Best Recording Label
I avoid most of the FIM labels. The brand is heavily showered with favourable comments from the Chinese magazines because of the huge spending in advertisement FIM made to those magazines. In general FIM products are but mediocre and it is a shame... 
Bi Wire vs Jumpers +/or-???
assuming the crossover architecture is set right for bi-wiring then bi-wire must be the best method. 
transport dying?
the possible problems are: 1. the laser head is contaminated badly. this can be fixed by using Kodak lens cleaning fluid with some eyeglass paper cleaners (note: not tissue paper) 2. the diode of the laser head is worn out. in such case you may ne... 
Best CD/DVD cleaners & tweaks?
Dear Bob_bundus Where or How to buy Endus for Electronics? 
Is there an alternate to Martin Logans?
There is nothing wrong to ask opinion more than one time at a group conference. you have 2 problems: 1. not loud enough and low enough - I cannot comment until I know what kind of gear you are using to drive the ML. 2. no dynamic speakers can give...