Opinions wanted on cantilever alignment

I have a couple month old Lyra Kleos and being new to this level of cartridge I’m looking for opinions.
When I received it I aligned it with a microscope and a Mint LP protractor. While aligning the cantilever I noticed that it doesn’t come straight out of the hole in the body, it is on an angle off to the side.
Its been on my mind and I wanted to reach out to the forum before I called the dealer.
This cartridge was expensive and I want to get the most out of it.

Cartridge straight on.

Cantilever straight on
@tomic601  I don't think the Kleos has a Lambda option...yet.
@tomic601 I didn't see a lambda version of the Kleos while shopping around. 
The issue with my cantilever is that it wasn't centered horizontally.
If you look earlier in this thread Jonathan Carr explained what was going on with it.
Right you are, probably just wishful thinking on my part as I have heard the improvement Lamda makes. Hope things are resolved quickly. Back to the music !!!