Opinions wanted on cantilever alignment

I have a couple month old Lyra Kleos and being new to this level of cartridge I’m looking for opinions.
When I received it I aligned it with a microscope and a Mint LP protractor. While aligning the cantilever I noticed that it doesn’t come straight out of the hole in the body, it is on an angle off to the side.
Its been on my mind and I wanted to reach out to the forum before I called the dealer.
This cartridge was expensive and I want to get the most out of it.

Cartridge straight on.

Cantilever straight on

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Exactly the sort of support
i expected from Lyra. Love my Delos and it is not centered vertically until the hyper precise VTF spec is achieved. To the OP is this the new Lamda ? 
Right you are, probably just wishful thinking on my part as I have heard the improvement Lamda makes. Hope things are resolved quickly. Back to the music !!!