Zenith alignment with Dennesen Soundtractor

The offset I obtain using a Dennesen Soundtractor differs from
what I get using the alignment card that comes with the HiFi News setup album. Is this a matter of Loefgren vs.Baerwald? Should they be identical?
I don't know the answer, but you might want to ask over at the vinyl asylum at Audioasylum.com. Those guys know their stuff.
I believe the Dennesen is Baerwald (null points at 66.0/120.9mm), and it certainly has a reputation for being accurately made.

My HFN&RR "protractor" has its two null points at approximately 65.5/120.5mm, so it's pseudo-Baerwald. ;-)

If nothing else, this discrepancy would result in slightly different cartridge alignments.
Yes, I own a Dennesen and it is calculated from Baerwald's formula.