Nuforce STA200

I am curious about the Nuforce STA200 amplifier  If anyone has experience with the amp it would be appreciated if you would share your listening impressions, both good and bad.  Some of the descriptions I have read classify it as a class AB amp and others a class D amp.  I am not technical savvy about these things, can a single amplifier be both? 
Abs. Sound says not Class D - they liked it

I see used or demos for $500, so....
Thanks randy, I am hoping someone owns/has owned the little amp and could share their experience, but does not seem very popular.
I just hooked mine up with a Classe CP-35 preamp and after a few hours I'm very impressed with the sound... especially at the close out prices a great value...
Thanks jl35, that is good to know.  If you don't mind give your thoughts after break in is complete.