Nuprime st10 or nuforce sta200, or parasound a23

Hi, in thinking to upgrade my amp  a parasound zamp v3, it's powering a pair of paradigm signature s1v3, looking to improve depth, imaging and mid frequencies .
Despite of price differences, which one would you recommend?
Thanks four your advice
the Nuforce is an awesome deal at it's closeout prices...
Mytek just announced a new 2x300W amp - small and they claim it has Class A triode quality sound.

So I'd want to add that to your listen list.
The st10 is really good and the new Mytek might be good also.
I can't really recommend a parasound,bright and lean in the mids.

Audio Advisor is selling the Nuforce for $499
That's a really good deal,I don't know anything about the sta200 though.

I have one. It's awesome. Based on the Job Goldmund 225. Great review in Absolute Sound. Which also compares it with the Nuprime. A23 was a good value 15 years ago. Not so much now 
Thank all of you for your replies! About the nuforce, does any of you have had a problem connecting spades on the left speaker post? It seems almost impossible because it's positioned  like in a hole.
Also the nuforce review compare very superficially but positively with the nuprime, can somebody confirm this similarities?
my cables have 1/4 inch spades and fit in fine, though I could see how larger spades might be a problem
About the mytek i also checked it, but I will be paying for futures that I will not use, it looks like a nice device though, but thanks for the advice
Audio Advisor is again selling the Nuforce STA200 for $499.  Purchase spade to banana plug adapters from monoprice (actually they call them Gold Plated Speaker Banana Plugs, Closed Screw Type) for about $5 for 5 pairs and less$ for 2 or 3 pairs and you are good to go. 
I own a Nuforce STA 200 and it is, imo, an amazing little amplifier, and at the $499 price, and very good purchase. I use high quality banana plugs. However, as I have stated in a few other threads, it has a very high gain of 34.5 db and has an input sensitivity of .45 volts. I needed to go passive as a preamp ( glad I did ), because with a few of my preamps, the gain was so high I was getting hum in my system. Granted, I use extremely efficient loudspeakers, and it was a problem with only these speakers. Other speakers were not an issue. However, the volume control on most preamps will hover at around 9-10 o’clock in most situations. I have the amp just over a year, and have sold many high end amplifiers in my collection during that time, because this amp bettered them in reproducing music. If 80 wpc is suffient for your speakers, I cannot recommend it high enough. The dozen or so Class D amps I have tried did nothing special for me, but again, this was through " my ears ", and I know it is a great technology. So, Enjoy ! MrD.
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Hi mrdecibel, at this point I am nut sure if I will hold onto my new STA 200.  I have a bit of a grainy high end  that I did not from my modest tube amps.  I only have a limited number of hours on it but am not convinced it is a break in issue.
Based on the Goldmund circuit used originally in the JOB amplifiers, the STA200 has, besides what I have mentioned above, an extremely wide bandwidth. Put them all together, and you have an amp that will " amplify " everything, including distortions and noises from anywhere. I found that it needed about 200 playing hours to where things smoothed out and the melodic nature of the amp became coherent. Tubes would likely be rolled off in comparison, and / or with just a bit of added color and warmth. I am sure your preamp volume control is set lower with the Nuforce than with the tube amps. It's whatever you like...…..Enjoy ! MrD.
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You are correct on all counts. The volume control is a quarter versus where it was with my tube amps. Prior to purchase I was aware of the high gain and planning on purchasing a passive to place between the amp and tube preamp which I will tomorrow. Besides this I have heard so little about the amp I am not sure what to expect.  By the way, do you leave yours on 24/7?
I leave all of my solid state gear on 24 / 7, unless I am away overnight or for longer. I cannot say what your ears prefer, but I have given up on tubes, for now ( which in a way is a shame, because I run horns ). At 64 years old, I am appreciating reliability, setting and forgetting, zero microphonics, zero noise, and tube replacement ( both the hassle and the expense ). I am also appreciating, with my passive unit and the STA 200, a very clean, fairly neutral presentation, in both tone, and musical melody ( sometimes referred to as prat ), which I feel not all components capture. Enjoy ! MrD.
I have a Schitt passive pre between my Rogue RP-5 and STA200. I have zu Omen defs which are high efficiency. The Schitt passive has added no artifacts or anything I can hear. I love my set up...I originally purchased the NuForce as an in between amp because My prior amp developed issues. Since adding the NuForce, i have no desire to seek anything else.