Need to replace a BAT VK200 amp with a smaller and lighter but with equal sound quality.

Need recommendations for a smaller and lighter amp to replace a BAT VK 200 amp which is  very good . The BAT is 100 RMS, and weighs close to 70 lbs, It has become unmanageable to move or clean in a component rack.  New amp must be at least equivalent or better in sound quality. 

For the record, the pre-amp is a Conrad Johnson PV-14L SE

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Also, a pair of Belles Aria monoblocks.  Easily lifted and shifted.
S.J., what speakers are you running ? Is it in an open component rack, as the amp runs warm ? When cleaning, do you need to move it ? In sq, what is it that you like, as most amplifiers have a " personality " ( another recent thread here). The 2 amps George has mentioned are getting a lot of attention, although are quite different from each other, and from the BAT. I am not trying to be the devils advocate, just would like to know as to further assist. Enjoy ! MrD.

Thanks to  those that responded. Surely the, Schitt amp is an unbelievable  bargain at $699. Though the Benchmark seems like the one to buy.  However BM claims they are currently sold out of this fabulous amp because of demand .However, I was not anticipating spending 3K on an amp. I would rather pursue a used BAT integrated or a Hegel as long that it does not have a built-in DAC which I would not use.

To mrdecibel:  The speakers are Golden Ear Technology model 7's, a very good speaker, but I want to upgrade to something better.

As far as the BAT position in the my standard audio rack, it sits at the bottom and so access is not great. With the other components in the rack the total weight is probably about 150 +lbs. 

The sound signature of the BAT is neutral and detailed, though it can sound a bit dry. However with the Conrad Johnson pre-amp, the sound is nicely balanced with no glare, grit or mushy lows

. I have considered replacing the rack with a simple and sturdy table at least 60 inches long and 19 inches deep.and 28-30 inches high  But so far I have found nothing that I like, or will work with placing all the components on its flat top. ( that is, amp. pre-amp, CD player and turntable). That would be ideal and access to clean or tweak would be easy.. The only other option is an amp stand, but that would take up space in front of the rack. and I would still have to bend down to clean or tighten speaker cable lugs,or plug in banana  jacks. 

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Surely the, Schitt amp is an unbelievable bargain at $699.

Yes it’s a no brainer for the price, and because it uses BJT’s as output devices, it wouldn’t surprise me "if" it keeps up the current into hard loads that the Benchmark can, they seem to be equal on wattage into 8ohm 100w for both and 4ohm 200w for Vidar and 190w for AHB2.
Be interesting to see a 2ohm wattage to see if which can do closer to 400w. 

All Schiit products are exceptional value for money, as all the expense in circuit design and quality is inside where it counts, and the outside is well utilitarian to save on costs.No wasted money on expensive glitz and glamour on the outside.

Cheers George
S.J., If you are considering a 60" table, why wouldn't your rack and an amp stand not fit side by side within this constraint? The amp on a stand would be lower to the floor, thus having less impact on the soundstage.

Have your considered Odyssey amps?

To  Meschi, Good suggestion about the amp stand siting side by side to the rack, but it would be a tight  fit in  proximity to the back of the speakers, either left or right. The problem again would be access to the back of the amp, and also the torque of the speaker cable in such a tight space would loosen the speaker connectors. The connectors on GET 7's speakers are crap in many ways.  However, your suggestion is worth considering

I have considered the smaller Odyssey amp that is 130RMS, but never thought it to be the equal of the BAT amp. But for convenience  sake it might be worth  another look. Though, the Schitt amp that is $699 is intriguing 

To George HiFi5:  Thanks for the follow up info.


Look for a used Odyssey amp and then you can give it a try with little to no exposure to loss if you don't like it.  
Tough one, that BAT punches WAY above it's price (I won't say weight as it's 70 lbs).

Excellent bass, not too harsh, etc.  Not that they are cheap, but used that is better than a "poor mans" pass labs sound quality.

Might look at the BelCanto 600 series.  Not quite the same sound, but not harsh and very nice bass response.

Thank you to those who responded so far. 

To dep 14. You are right about this being a "tough one"  I saw a Bel Canto... e.ONE  REFERENCE 500S for sale, but it is older class D technology. However, I am still not sold that Class D amps have evolved and are much better than 10 years ago   But will check out the BC's 600 series   Thanks, S.J.  

I would get a BAT 225se. At 150 wpc, it's plenty powerful, and the sound is superb.
   To rib61  I did not know that BAT offered a 225se  basic amp I never saw any listings on AG , or reviews. I am not worried about the power rating, but as noted above,only the size and weight of the amp.   I will check it out.  Thanks, S.J.
@sunnyjim ... here’s the link

I just got one, and think it sounds awesome. Also, it’s lighter and smaller than the VK-200.
Have you had any problems with the VK 225SE?  Higher noise levels Slight Volume change?  I have a BA- VK 43SE and just got a demo VK 225SE.  Am very happy with the sound but I now have been noticing the problems I stated above.

At first when I first got the Vk 225SE the noise level was very low.  Didn't have a problem with slight volume drops every now and then ether.
I was thinking of the Mcintosh MC152 Amp Which I love as well.  Much more refined Amp.  But BAT works real well with BAT.  More of a deeper bass response wit the VK225SE.  Perhaps slightly too much bass.  
What scares me about the Mcintosh MC152 Amp Is the weight 75 pounds.  The thing is a beast.  But it's a very refined amp.