Need recommendations for a Cartridge under $2K

Hi there ,
I have a VPI TNT Turntable , Clearaudio Universal Tonearm & an ageing Benz Micro cartridge ( forget which model ) , other equipment is ARC Phono 5 / LS 27 & Reference 150 with Wilson Sophia 2's . I want a new Cartridge but have a budget of $2000 maximum , I was considering the Talisman V2 or possibly a Dynavector or Ortofon as these are the 3 Brands my local Dealer sells . Would appreciate any / all feedback . Cheers .
The two I've owned that really stand out have been Lyra delos and Dynavector XX2 MKII.
Of your dealer carries these 3 brands, then why not audition the carts? In your home if possible.

And be sure to check compatibility of these carts with your tonearm's effective mass (easiest place to do this is Vinyl Engine cart database)
I would strongly suggest the Soundsmith Aida. ($1500). A true giant killer in my humble opinion.
The best sub 2K cartridge I have ever heard is the EMT tsd-15.
I have no idea how it would mate w/ your tonearm or phono stage. I have mine successfully mated to a Well Tempered Amadeus.
Lyra and Dynavector cartridges seem to mate well with VPI tables. So you probably can't go wrong with either the Delos or XX-2 mk II. Another good one that you may consider, though it's hard to demo is the ZYX Yatra.
Thankyou everyone for your recommendations , I will see if the Delos is available locally , otherwise the Dynavector XX-2 looks like the one ... Cheers .
Another recommendation for the Lyra Delos. This cartridge has completely transformed the sound of my system (for the better, of course).
I suggest the Denon DLS1. Johnathan Carr says that it is tricky to mate with the right Phono Stage because of an electrical peak in the ultrasonic range and low output. That seems to explain my issues with this cartridge. It is very transparent and neutral. The coil doesn't have metal in it's core so no transformer like effects. Incredible sounding if electronics allows.

How about a little more info for a truly useful rec. What do you like, and don't like, about your current cart? If you could wave a magic wand while listening and change the sound of your analog rig, how would you change it?