What used speakers would you buy under $600?

I have a B&K St-202 amp and Pro 10MC pre-amp. What speakers will provide the best sound for less than $600?? New or used?
Used Spica Angelus, Spica TC-60, Totem Arro.
Vandersteen 2C or 2Ci
I've heard Green Mountain Europa mentioned quite a bit.
agree on the Spica suggestions ... older but very viable even in todays crowded market.
Another vote for Spicas. I like the TC 50's.
Totem Model 1.
1. Linn Katan
2. Spendor S3/5
3. Quad 12L
4. GR Research Paradox 1

All used at around $600, maybe more $ for the Katan. I've owned em all and prefer the Katans over any including the Totem 1 sigs and Arro.
Soliloquy 5.0 monitors. Sound like music, obtainable
for <$500/pair used.