need new seperates on a budget

My Marantz receiver just died so I am now looking for a set of seperates to replace it. I want a 5 channel amp and a processor or more likely a new receiver to act as processor. The problem is the budget is limited to about $1600 for both. Any suggestions, am looking at arcam p1000, sherbourn, theta intrepid, parasound, b&k etc but have no idea which would be better. I listen to music in 2 channel about 75% of the time. Really concerned about the pre/pro. I have Focal 806V, Elan surr and Energy center but just care about the Focals.
You have a ton of choices. For brand new separates of mid-fi quality (separate prepro and multi-channel amp), $1600.00 will probably not make it. The NAD T747 is a 60 watt x 7 channel (all channels driven) AVR selling for about $1300.00. Most AVRs today are 7 channel units but if you only use 5, that won't hurt it. NAD as well as Rotel both produce very musical audio equipment. The top of the line Marantz AVR (SR7005) sells for $1599.00 right at your budget. Why not consider another Marantz unit?
I enjoy a used Outlaw Audio Model 990 Pre/Pro along with an Emotiva UPA-7 amp for a multi-channel HT set-up. I don't mind a lot of analog cables and don't need HDMI switching so this works well for me. This combo allowed me to get separates on a budget. Maybe an Emotiva UMC-1 along with an XPA-5 amp could yield good results for you.
Used Anthem 5 x 100 amps are a great bargain. Matching that with a 5 year old pre/pro such as Sherbourn, Anthem, Sunfire, B&K or many more will work in this budget. As long as you don't need HDMI there are a lot of nice choices.
You should look at the Emotiva offerings. An XPA-5 power amp ($899, 200 watts/ch.) mated to a UMC-1 Preprocessor would gige ypu a whale of a good and powerful system for $1600. Or, you could substitue one of their UPA-5 amps (125 watts/ch.)and save yourself about $300.

I have a UMC-1 and really like it. It had some bugs when first released, but the latest firmware is really quite good. And the sound quality is quite good. Definitely one of the better-sounding prepros available today.

These items come up for sale on A'gon and usually sell very quickly. So be ready to pull the trigger when you find what you are looking for...

RW would gige ypu a whale?
Thanks all for the responses.
I am thinking of seperates because I don't like having to replace an expensive receiver and would be able to cut the cost in half by having seperates. I would also like to be able to upgrade the pre/pro portion seperatly in the future.
Which of the amplifiers I have listed would be better than the others or something else in the $1000 used range.
I am intrigued by the Emotiva brand but afraid of the class D amps.
I can't use an older pre/pro because I have only HDMI inputs.
I am thinking of a inexpensive receiver as a pre/pro as a stop gap measure used as a pre only.

The Emotiva line of amps aren't class D. They are Class AB. I don't remember the exact draw of my UPA-7 but it isn't that much.

How about the Onkyo PR-SC886 or Onkyo PR-SC885 pre/pros? Sometimes you can find those for under $800/each and then you can get different multi channel amp.
I'd grab a Onkyo PR-SC886 or 885 with a Emotiva XPA 5 amp.
The Emotiva preamp processor lists at around $699. Couple that with the Emotiva 5-channel powerhouse XPA-5 at $899 and at $1,600 you have a killer combo. It will certainly be a lot better than any $2,000 receiver, particularly because the power envelope will be far more powerful.

I have a slightly different suggestion. Instead of shooting for a pre/pro and a 5-channel amp with the intention of spending about the same on each, I would go with a good but inexpensive mass-market AVR (Onkyo, Denon, etc) with preouts and spend the bulk of your money on the amp. That will allow you to get a nice Rotel, Sherbourn, ATI, etc amp for $1000+ and still be in budget. Should you wish to upgrade at some point in the future, then simply swap out the AVR for a dedicated pre/pro, like an Anthem or Integra.

Just a thought.

Well such a bunch of good ideas. I have purchased a Atlantic Technology A-2000 and it came with a A.T P-2000 processor. The set is virtually like new with the clear tape still on the remote. The processor works quite well using the optical inputs. Extremly crisp, fast and clear.
The amp is rated at 120 per but performs like a much stronger amp. The pre is a clone of the Sherbourn PT-7000 and the outlaw 950 but better built. I got all the original paperwork, instructions, etc. SO all is good for now until I find a better processor. I paid $550 for the set including new innterconnects.
Thanks all for the input. I also had my Marantz sr6001 repaired and have a backup pre now.
As I stated I am still looking for a pre. I find the Atlantic tech with optical input to be a bit bright so have to turn the treble down a notch. On the other hand using the Marantz has a bit too warm sound. Any suggestions for a compromise?