Plinius integrated or McComack seperates?

Looking for a good match for B&W CDM9NT speakers. Also, any feeling on the Audioprisim Foundation 3?
Hello I have the same speakers you have. I had a plinius 8150 for about six months. It was pretty good, but something was missing. I dropped in an older McCormack preamp and a similar adged McCormack DNA-1. Sounded better. Still, something was missing. In went the newer McCormack DNA-125 and 225 on loan from a dealer. "wow". Liquidity, depth, you name it plus an incredible midrange for a solid stater. Ended up buying the 125 as it was slightly more open and I really didn't need 225/watts channel. I wonder what the sound would be like if I upgraded to the matching newer preamp from McCoramck...this will have to wait! Also tried a Classé integrated (cap 151) and the Sim Audio I-5. Sorry, not in the same league in my humble opinion.
Thanks. I've heard so much about the Plinius 8200 integrated that it works well with B&W. It sounds like the new McCormack stuff was alot better. What is the rest of your system like? Also, any feelings on Plinius seperates?