Vincent Integrated vs Pre/amp seperates


I am considering the Vincent SV-236 mkii inegrated ($2000) or the sa-31 pre + sp-331 power amp combo from vincent as well ($2300).

On paper, the specs look pretty similiar....any thoughts if the seperates are better than the integrated???

Will be using a VPI traveler TT as a source and Dali Zensor 7 speakers....Jazz, vocals, R&B, and rock are what I like!
I auditioned both the integrated and separates some time back and (by a fairly narrow margin) preferred the integrated. Although I ultimately purchased Parasound separates, either of the Vincent offerings would have worked out well, again with a slight edge to the integrated. Happy hunting.
I recently owned, but do not own no more a vincent digital player at $2,500.00, I can say vincent is really under rated!, Their equipment sounds very good even against top equipment!well worth their asking prices!, cheers!