My wife is so uncool!

My soon to be exwife was such a loser she refused to aknowledge the existence of imaging and soundstage just to be a wench. (My friends did). She kept saying "NO" with an attitude and pointed to the speaker saying "it came from there". And she kept bugging me to move my system to another room. AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I should have never tried to share my hobby with her. Now she's pregnant with some guys baby and butt poor. HEH HEH. Good riddens. So come on guys lets here your stories she won't see this. And we won't tell her we're all buddies here. You know you want to.
My ex girlfriend would wait until a intense part of the music was about to begin then he would start talking.She used to like to sing along also.Like I said my EX girlfriend>
Well it took me while to figure out but I realized that my girlfriend was using reverse psychology on me. When I would come across a neat component on Audiogon she would say lets buy it, thats a quality piece for a good price, now I (we) have 3 systems.
My ex used to wait until the best part of the tune came on, like the guitar crescendo on meddle or the drum bit at the end of abbey road and then scream at me from the bottom of the stairs that led my listening room hideway. Needless to say, she killed the moment. Btw, she took all the "B" units with her when we split. It was "her stereo" lol.
Too bad guys! My wife incourages me to buy more tweaks and bigger Magnepans!
My wife is so cool! She let's me buy whatever I want. You guys should pick your wives better (ha ha)...
As long as the bills get paid, my wife could give a rat about what I spend on my hobby. I've recently separated my systems. One for home theater and one for music only in separate rooms. Oh, and we're talking Krell, Audio Research, Thiel, and Magnepan.
well i gotta tell ya boys my wife love the system she sits there and listens to ever piece of misic and love it. when it comes to home theater even with all the booms!!!!!! she falls right asleep and i keep on watching those movies
We are seeing more and more customers bringing their wives with them for demo's. Make them part of the entire deal.
Also, with speakers, we have noticed it's a good idea to let your better half pick the finish (or at least offer this to them).
It doesn't matter what anybody says, all women are genetically equiped with a 'tin-ear'. They can't appreciate the music, only complain about the money going out.
This is not always true. I have been to MANY symphonies with various girlfriends over the years. They are/were usually the ones who arranged these outings. One arranged a surprise attendance to a symphony in Poland (Krakov) and another in Hungary (Budapest). Most also really enjoy hifi (well, listening to it at anyway). If this if is your hobby, you better work on making your better half a part of it. I see customers go through HELL because their damn nagging wives/girlfriends won't accept their hobby. The $8K wedding ring they can accept, but $500 interconnects? Forget it (went thought this with a customer on Saturday, uh!)!
Story: We sold certain brand of black spkrs to a customer about a year ago. He wanted rosewood, but he bought black. Why? Because he figured he could swap the new spkrs with his old (about the same size) while his wife was out and figured she wouldn't notice. Did it work? Yes.
so I finally get this huge 1250 sq foot apt with a huge living room with wall to wall capeting unparallel walls and in the right dimension ratios. I start setting up my Infinity reference standars and my girlfriend starts shrieking nonnono can't we just use your little AR powered Partner speakers! Broke up with her the next day.
My wife doesn't mind when I buy stuff (of course I lie about the cost, I know she lies about the cost of all those shoes) but she is a pain when I want to listen to it.
Who isn't a pain when you want to listen? Probably everybody in the world is, especially if you're comparing a mole's worth of cables, get to a critical point, and then all of a sudden it's bedtime...
Everything has to be arranged and planned from the beginning. First I did a room addition for my music room, big room 18 feet by 35 feet with high ceiling. Then I split this room with the other half for the children music instuments (piano, flute, etc.) In my music room I wired with the largest power cable it will fit and double wall (with mdf particle board), thick carpet, etc. And then came the toy all tubes, one at a time. Now she can't even say a word, but nice sound that we both can enjoy. Over all I can put it, it is the strategy that matters. Get them involve in the process.
Actually, both of my wives have been pretty tolerant of my audio illness. My current wife obsesses a bit about money, so my expenditures worry her. We now play a little game where I buy a piece of equipment and install it, then wait to see how long it takes her to spot it (4 weeks on one item). The other ploy I've used is to wait until a special occasion, like Father's Day, and make up a really nice card on my PC which says she is giving me a new piece of gear. Last time, the card says she was giving me a new Sony WEGA flat screen TV. She's really good to me........
Two weeks ago my wife actually helped me choose between two power cords I was auditioning.When she was told the price,she said it was well worth the money!! When I discover which medication she's on,I will let you know.....
You need to involve them.I had started to upgrade my system and my wife noticed the sound was getting better.One SAt afternoon after having spent months listening to speakers.I asked her to come with me.She did and we sat and listened to the few i had narrowed it down to.the first set she heard where bookshelf speakers and they sounded so much better than what we had at home she said.You really need a new set of speakers.I told her that she could have the bookshelf ones for the HT set up and she said great lets hear the other ones and get a new pair for the dedicated sound room.I got my speakers she got her's and ever since she is the one that I give that last word to on upgrade's.I narrow them down then we listen toghther and go with what she says sounds best.If you cant get them on board time to drift them.Life is to short.Do you guys know why divorce is so expensive.Because it's worth it.
Yesterday I upgraded the power cord on our CD player. My wife clearly stated after hearing a few cuts that she heard no difference in the sound. By the end of the CD she had forgotten to close her mouth and her toung dried to her lip, she gets it.
Sorry Guys, my wife encourages and supports my hobby and even tried talking me out of selling some equipment, truly a blessing
P.S. She even thinks my Newform Research R645's are cool looking, especially being that this is one of the main reasons guys never purchase these speakers, the WAF.
i prolly *should* inwolve my wife more, it would be less hassle, but it usually works out ok. when i replaced my solid-state preamp w/a rogue 99, she was ecstatic! she loved it!!! well, i didn't, and when i told her i sold it, she got *really* pissed. i told her not to worry, we won't be going *backwards* - the next preamp will have everything she liked about the rogue, and *then* some. well, when the cary showed up, she had to agree w/me, but she still wasn't happy - she was afraid i was gonna ditch *it* also, & dint wanna get attached to it, cuz i told her a melos was on the way, & whichever one i(we) liked better was gonna be *the one*. well, when the melos arrived, she was *really* happy - even nicer than the cary! problem is, she really likes all the stuff & the music, but she's not really interested in the nuts-n-bolts, so she gets nervous when i start making changes. she's also concerned about appearance of speakers, as they sit out so far into our room. the newform research speakers i'm considering *really* have her nervous. i tol' her there's a 30-day audition guarantee, if the sound doesn't ease the pain of the appearance, out they go! fortunately, she *does* have a good ear, and *does* enjoy listening, so if they *do* sound great, she will wanna keep 'em! ;~)
mroadster, this cracks me up - yust when i'm posting about the newform speakers & the wife, ewe mention 'em in the same context! ;~) i guess it's a good sign, how do they sound?
Hey Sedond, The Newform speakers are quite amazing, such inner detail, soundstage that just won't quit, much more natural realistic sound then the Maggie's (nothing against Maggie's great speaker) each time I listen to my pair of R645's I just smile. And I have not even modified them yet!!!
Tml2 - Your advice worked. My wife is losing some of her fear of the new stereo and is using it on her own when I am out - getting involved. A couple of days ago she mentioned that some of her CD's sounded kind of "tinny". I asked her to play some of the cuts that did not sound right, and they turned out to be funky recording/engineering jobs. I explained to her that when we switched to silver cables we better defined both the good and the bad on some of the recordings, and that I am still doing a balancing act trying to get the sound to it's best on the majority of our source material. "We" just purchased a used pair of Harmonic Tech. Truth Link cables for a change of pace. I think that I will leave all three pairs of the interconnects hanging from the aux. inputs and show her how to switch them on the source. It just takes a few seconds to switch them, probably less time than farting around with tone controls or an equalizer. Remember those?
My wife told the UPS guy she was going to divorce me last time he came by unexpectedly. She says she didnt mean it, but who can be sure. She likes the way the new speaker stands look (Atacama N70,great for small speakers and inexspesive)so I think Im ok. By the way Sedond, what up with all the *stars*?
My wife worked with me in the Audio business for over 10 year. She enjoys the hobby as much as I do.
hi blkadr, the stars are yust for emphasis - this medium being so impersonal-n-all... regards, doug.
My wife says she con't hear the difference, but when she stops and listens she really likes what I've bben doing in terms of upgrades. In terms of $, she has her job and checking account, and I have mine. Sometimes I hate it, but when it comes to buying audio gear or golf trips, it works out great.
my wife hears with her eyes.Hated my Maggies,ditto the apogees, REALLY hated the voice of the theatres. My all horn system is permanantly sentenced to the basement. If it isn't a cute little box with shitty veneer on it it's days are numbered.doesnt matter what it sounds like. go figure
I heard a bit on NPR today about the results of a new study of men and women, and the extent to which part or all of the brain is involved in listening. Apparently MRI's showed that only the left half of a man's brain is actively involved when listening, whereas a woman's entire brain is involved. The study was quoted in support of women's contention that men only partially listen. I say there is a second and equally plausible conclusion: that men can do with half a brain what it takes an entire woman's brain to do!!
hey, sdcampbell, your conclusion mite be correct, if both halves of the brain functioned equally. however, as most of us know, the left half is the part of the brain that deals w/logic, the right half is the part dealing w/intuition & feelings. doug
I haven't married her yet, but my girfriend gives me oral sex when I sit in the sweet spot between my ML ReQuests listening to whatever I like. She routinely spends 600 bucks on a pair of shoes so she wouldn't dare think of complaining about the price of speaker wire. I think I am pretty lucky and will probably buy the ring.
Well, my wife IS totally COOL with Audio! She says "Honey, you work hard for a living, and after all the bills are paid, what you do with your money is YOUR business".. She always says, "The system sounds great Dear", and never complains about the hordes of obsessive phone calls and road trips........ Sorry to wreck the part guys! audioman
yeah, i gotta wonder what you guys do in the whole pre-screening / selection process. my wife just gave me a TG Audio SLVR for x-mas, and we just rented a of her first statements was "since it has 4 bedrooms, you'll finally have your dedicated listening room."

as she routinely says: i like your hobby--it beats the hell out of golf.


Raceperegrine, once the wedding takes place, you can forget about the "sweet spot"
My fiancee was telling me that she didn't think my speakers were big enough. At the time, I had a pair of Infinity IRS Betas. I am now running IRS V. She doesn't make that comment anymore. People tell me she was joking, but hey, I will take permission even if it comes sarcastically.

I was offered an obscene amount of money for the IRS V and decided to sell them, but expressed that even though it was a large amount of money I and I already spent some of it on a motion simulator for the home theater, I was not looking forward to seeing the speakers go. She told me to keep them. What can I say but "I love you."
Ha-Ha-Ha. I deffinately got some good laughs from some of the earlier posts. I guess I'm just lucky - I'm not currently married and my live-in girlfriend likes my main audio system and plays her own CDs at various times.
I think it's worth pointing out that I just looked over the last two issues of "Architectural Digest" where they have all those "designer" homes that most women seem to like. I didn't see a single room that looked like it had ANY audio or video equipment most audiophiles would own. Only a few TVs set up to "disappear" into cabinets. But not a speaker anywhere to be seen. Guess the wealthy must all listen to those crappy Bose radios always being advertised!
My ex took back an integrated NAD amp she had purchased for me when we went our seperate ways. I could have fought for it, but it wasn't worth hearing the bitching. Since then, I have upgrade my woman and my system.

Maybe we should re-write "there are other fishes in the sea" to "there are other systems on the market".
My wife will bitch when i upgrade a component or accesories.After a few days she will tell me how good it sounds.

Go figure!
My mother says every five years, she buys a new wedding ring, but keeps the husband. I suppose you could tell them that you are upgrading your system, but keeping the woman.
I got a new YBA power and Preamp for my ex girlfriend. Boy did I rook her new boyfriend.
In order to get into this house me and my fiancee are looking to buy, i had the sell the HT rig i had been playing around with for the past 7 years. The rig was mine before we met, she knows how much i liked playing with it, so to give it up in order for us to get a new house gives me major leverage. She feels somewhat guilty that i had to sell it, but promised i could build it bigger and better.

She is totally into my buiding a dedicated home theater for the new house in the basement, and she is also going to let me have the loft for my 2 channel setup, and she doesent seem to care too much that every part of my 2 channel rig is planned to be replaced.

the way i figure it, i better get it upgraded to where im happy before that final "I do". so i got about a year.

i also told her my stereo will never cost more than her car.
in a few years i might have to upgrade her Saturn to a Jaguar, then by myself some Mark Levinson gear.
Mpoulos, can I file for "ex girl-friend" status too???
"I also told her my stereo will never cost more than her car." Slappy, you're in trouble there. Tsk Tsk.

When I gave my girlfriend a ring, a little after, I asked how she liked my dream speakers? She looked blankly around the room at my existing Speakers, and said nothing. I just pointed at her finger and smiled.
The wife can be picky. It helps to show her how to work it all.
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