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Sonic Frontiers, Myth or Reality?
I am having my Power 3 repaired by the factory and is in its way to me (California) at this momment. I spoke to them numerous times during the process. They may have some financial trouble, but they seem to be normal operationally. 
$1600 SCD-777ES - Where?
Yes this item is not in their website, only thru calling their toll free. And I heard if you mentioned that you get it from the asylum site (it's an audio discussion site) you can get it for $1600 - worth the try 
What kind of amplification for Martin Logan SL3 ?
I use Sonic Frontier Power 3 to drive the Sequel II and what a sound!! - the treble -midrange - the vocal 
Will the HDCD format survive
Phill, where can I find it at this price (now you make me want it) thanks for the info. 
Amp/Pre -amp for Martin Logan Requests
I am using Sequel II (not ReQuest) and drive them with Perraux 5150B+ Sonic Frontier SFL2 with no problem and also use Sonic Frontier Power 3 (220Watts) with some problem with music - sound heavy. 
Can a bad tube ruin an amp?
Jab, Yes I do own these pairs and I sent one of them to the manufactory to be repair. I hope I can learn to repair it myself next time around (if it is only the resistor)- I am quite ok with solder. Thanks 
My wife is so uncool!
Everything has to be arranged and planned from the beginning. First I did a room addition for my music room, big room 18 feet by 35 feet with high ceiling. Then I split this room with the other half for the children music instuments (piano, flute,... 
Best amplifier for Martin Logan SEQUEL III
I have Sequel II, used to drive them with Perraux 5150B and now I use Sonic Frontier Power 3 and what a different. And I am using Sonic frontier SFL 2 (preamp). Anybody knows the different of Sonic Frontier line 3 to SFL 2 (I am contemplating of u... 
is there an alternative to PS AUDIO
I am using ONEAC (power conditioner) on my front end. This unit has the capacity for Transport to Preamp. I am happy with it, but I have nothing to compare it to. 
CD Copies...why do they sound worse?
this all depend on the way of the duplication. If we use a straight duplication - how can a digital be different? Most of the PC duplication is combining a compression in the copy - check the file size(from original to the copy file) 
The Fourfold path...which way to go?
Issabre, I used Perraux 5150B with SFL2 and Martin Logan Sequal II, the bass is very fast and tight but the high is not detail and rich (the sound stage is kind of narrow)- I didn't know it until I changed the amp with SF power 3(originally I plan... 
sound from Pre Amp
Thanks Randalleron, I hope that's all there is. 
Power cords at ridiculous prices?
How about the power cord inside the wall??? How can this power cord bypass the power supply from the house?? Aren't we concern about this part of the power supply?? I, too, tried a different power cord to my mono block Sonic Frontier power 3 (I ma... 
Nakamichi 682ZX.......anybody have one?
I own a 680zx (what is the difference to the 682zx)it is inperfectcondition with manual, and at this stage I am only curious of the market price. Thanks 
Making your own Power Cord with No Prong
use any cable that at least the same or a bit better the internal house wiring - we cannot make it better by putting more than the house wiring.