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Sony SCD1 compatible with S.F. P-3 ??
Call the factory.They can give you better advise than people who dont own the product 
opinions on the Houston GSP-02
The Rogue 88 used at 800/850 on this site makes the houton a non consideration.factor in factory support which is non exixtent on the Houston and the Rogue is a steal in comparison.Used dynaco are also a good choice. 
Power cords to the same outlet
The Rogue will sound better with new AC cords.The stock ones like all stock ac cords are average. 
Parasound vs. Bryston
20 YR warranty has to make this a no brainer. 
Coincident Cables Experiences? Any Good?
One more thing to mention is how they get better and better.I have not done any upgrades in the last month or so yet the sound keeps getting better.Israel had mentioned that to get them full blown it would take 500 hours.He is so right.I lsiten ab... 
Aranov 9100 vs. Rogue M120
Have not heard the Aronov.I own a pair of M120 and can say they are worth every cent.They are a good buy even if they where 5k.The only way to tell is to listen to both.The Magnum upgrade is a parts upgrade.All the parts go from being good quality... 
Will tubes rock?
Almost all guitar amps used by rock bands are tube amps.If they are good for these guys there good for everone.I use Rogue 120 rock with the best of them. 
A bad situation
Jeff you did your part.You insured it and the buyer has to produce the damaged box and goods for inspection by UPS.You paid for the insurance so let it work for you. 
I'm very upset. Let me tell you why.
What do you pay the picker the packer.Its not just the mail.The package the shipping materials.You are all missing the point.The cost of the mold to make it is in the thousands.One more thing what do bombings and telling mothers to shut up have to... 
I'm very upset. Let me tell you why.
Ezmerelda.One thing you miss is the cost of processing an order.The 7.95 only offsets the cost it does not cover it. 
Did Marconi invented radio...?
Stay up all night Dragon thinking that one up.Real class act you are.This is a great place comments like your are for gutter rats. 
Did Marconi invented radio...?
Like the US Supreme Court has never been wrong.Just as they where wrong on the presidential election.History will show them wrong once again. 
Turntable or Cable Upgrade?
Try a Audiomat Phono Stage 
Coincident Cables Experiences? Any Good?
The best by far i have heard.Have tried Nordost Quatro Fil,wireworld gold eclipse III,audioquest opal,jps superconductor 2.The Coincident ic isa by far the best.The speaker cable is very good also.Its a giant killer. 
Does gauge of speaker cables matter?
Dave i have found that lowe gauge 16/24 gauge makes the besy choice.If you can get 24 better and the run 8 or 16 conductors of it to get your desired heavy gauge.