My oh my....guys check this out
looks kinda interesting, but at $12,900 i think i'll pass.
that, my insane
Insane ............ to say the least!
Well, to do it properly, I think you'd really need a stereo pair of these...!
What would be the audiophile source for a 1 hz signal? Or is it only for reproducing earthquake scenes for home theaters?
Insane? I think not! How many of you have spent $5 to $10K for anything in your audio system? LOTS of us, I'd guess.

I heard this thing in Denver, and FINALLY I'm justified in using the superlatives others toss about to describe, say, differences in $1000/M IC cable or home-AC duplex power outlets. This thing is simply awesome, jaw-dropping, fabulous, etc. I could hear tones to about 16Hz, but below that, its output is felt. At 2Hz it was oscillating the room door about 2" peak-to-peak!

Yes is does require an adjacent space. Yes it is expensive, but many companies have subwoofers priced well up into the many-thousands of dollars--the 4-driver Genelec raved about in the SW survey published by the now-defunct 'Stereophile AV Guide' (?) is priced at $12K.

Insane? Not at all. Self-indulgent? You betcha!
Not insane. How much do Krell and Wilson charge for their huge boutique subwoofers? This thing may outperform them easily (seems as if it does, based on its rated output) and costs far less.
I also heard or rather felt it at the Denver RMAF show. Interesting concept and very cool but the construction requirements make it home use prohibative. As jeffereybehr points out it does and amazing job below 16hz it was interesting but the 12-14 foot of insulated box channel way to calm the sound of the fan blades in my opinion make it usefull maybe in commercial theatres. I laso wondr how much of the 2-9hz the human body can physically stand.
I bet turntable rumble is a b**h with this sub.
Ok it will do 1hz but dose it sound good?
Is it a hoax?
I'll bet it moves a lot of air.
If this is from the same Eminent Tech that builds the LFT VIIIa you'll see this technology at a bargain price in no time. Bruce Thigpen is a genius and more importantly prices his products very aggressively. Great after sale service too. I have no personal stake in ET, but sure enjoyed my time with a pair of LFT VIIIa's.
It's no hoax, it's the real deal. As others noted, Bruce demonstrated it at RMAF. The price is not out of line for what it does, and the design is technically sound (pun intended).
It could be a weapon too...
An infrasonic freequencies fall onto the resonance with the heartbeat of surrounding hearts and inflict heart attacs.
I only posted this hear because this subwoofer trully represents and advance in audio technology. Its not nice to call it insane. In an industry where very little progress is made, this sub is a very exciting invention. I am dying to hear how it sounds.

I am sure that in a properly tunned box (in this case adjacent room), Jurassic Park will really sound like you have a dinosaur walking around in your house. To me, this is what exciting home theater is all about.

This kind of bass could also really add to the thrill and excitement of music. When I get to demo this thing I will blast Metallica as loud as I can.

Or how about some deep organ notes?
I think Sennheiser guys will have a tough task trying to "scale down" this for their customers!!!
I will not even look at it. I don't care how good it sounds, it CANNOT sound 26 times better than a $500 subwoofer.
FINALLY!---> A little bass fan for big bass fans.
Shopsmartjazz, you must be kidding. Most $500 subs simply have no place in a serious music system since all the put out is muddy bass, characterized by "one note thump". A good subwoofer such as a REL, Revel, or Wilson Watchdog really will sound about 26 times better then your $500 subwoofer.