Rega Apollo CD-R Problems? Check Manual.

For those who may be having problems with their Apollo reading CD-Rs.

The Apollo's owner's manual clearly states that any CD-Rs recorded at greater than 8x are not guaranteed to play, as the player may not be able to read it.

It's in the owner's manual. Maybe that's why some people are having problems with the Apollo reading their CD-Rs?

Just for the record, I've had my Apollo for several months and I've had no problems, whatsoever, thus far. (knocks on wood).
i bought a rega apollo two years ago and it has stopped reading discs altogether.i took it back to the dealer and rega's going to fix it no charge. the dealer is charging me $38.00 for shipping to the rega tech on the
west coast.

once i get this thing fixed i want to get rid of it and get something with
a better build quality,] with a comparable sound, i don't want to buy it used.
anyone have any ideas?