Grateful Dead fans, check out the "New Yorker"

Appearing in the November 26th. issue of the New Yorker... a very interesting and lengthy article about the Dead and their various sound people, archivists, spin off bands, etc. The ins and outs of Bob and Betty, Latvala, Lemieux, taping, etc. Also a look at the archives themselves as well as mystery tapes rotting in storage. This would appeal to both Dead Heads and people with only a slight interest in the band's music, including just us audiophiles. Check it out, especially if you have fond memories of their good days.
Great read. Thanks! for sharing.
Thanks very much for the heads up! Pun intended.
With 50 Dead shows and 25 Jerry Band shows this is a must read for me.
Just googled New Yorker Grateful Dead . The article can be read online.
25 Jerry Band shows

That's a lot of 20-minute "Russian Lullaby"s! ;)

Thank you for the notice - real good article on the Dead -however, the writer's first show I do believe was not until 1984. He unfortunately missed allot - I did not fist see them until 1977 .....and I missed a real lot.....say what you want - they were great live and I miss their music
Ditto Garebear...I miss them too...take what you can get whenever you can...Ever seen the incarnation called DSO aka Dark Star Orchestra??? Close your eyes and I swear you will have the passion and drive of a full show...They tour all over the USA...I am lucky to have them stop by a once or twice a year here where I live in NC...
Shakedown, I need to get to a DSO show as they always swing through Pittsburgh.
What a fantastic article!!!!
There is plenty in here for you Dead haters as well.
Smelly hippies, directionless noodling and sloppy playing by the band, but the article will explain the phenomenon that is the Dead.
Although I miss going to shows and having so many magical experiences, 75 shows, and years of bootleg sessions, I feel like I have moveded on.
Sure I listen once in a blue moon to a song or two. I do know that the Dead led me towards some great Bluegrass , Alt. country, Blues, other Jam Bands, etc...
I did 126 shows. I'm okay. My wife did 120. She's a nurse practitioner. We made it out alive. It wasn't hard to break 100 if you sold peanut butter sandwiches. I came home and earned a bachelors in marketing. That was a long time ago. My youngest of four is 19 years old. I wouldn't change a thing.
Yes...Many years on the bus...1983-1995... 125 shows w/Jerry..I refuse to grow up....The Dead have illuminated many lights for me along my path of life and I am most "GRATEFUL" for that aspect and truly love the music and the offsprings that have come along..The GD showed me to appreciate music and all of it delights regardless of it genre and to be open and passionate for what it has to offer to my soul....Getting up in age now, the music has conditioned me to not take the good vibe for granted and listen carefully to its sweet sound and find nothing more to do but smile smile smile :) :) :)
Nowadays I stay at home and watch the TRI Studios website or listen to the Grateful Dead hour. I never really liked camping to begin with. I'll request a copy from my local public library. Thanks for the scoop!