Moving the beloved gear

Hi all,
I'm in the process of moving houses to a new town. This will be my first time moving my audio equipment. I have all the orginal boxes etc. Is there anything that I should know about storing it, moving it or anything else. Bad expereinces I can learn from and hope to avoid?

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Hi Peter,

So long as you must move it and it sounds like a big move..I would definitely box everything in its orig. box for safe moving and possible storage until you know where and when you will set up your system. Trust me..Ive been there too and regret just using blankets or flimsy boxes for equipment moves. Be also careful moving and storing you music collection CD jewel boxes are notorious for the hinges breaking and plastic cracking due to packing them in boxes too tight like sardines in a can. Use bubble wrap for a few cd's at a time. BTW..You have a lovely system and worth taking extra care of for moving!! Congratulations, and best wishes with your move :-)
Pack all the litlle stuff in plastic bags (instruction booklets, allen keys, whatever) and put it in the box along with the component. Make sure you know where your invoices for the equipment are.
Before anything take detailed photos of everything. Do not pack purchase records, keep them with you through the move. I would not let a mover transport a turntable. Make sure the movers pack your albums and CDs in the order you want and have each box properly labelled. A major move is one rung below divorce on the stress meter. Hope it goes well.
How far are you moving? I would also try to move the gear myself if possible. Definitely sensitive stuff like turntables.

If the mover is moving you direct, then letting them move most everything is probably fine. If it is going into storage for a while, I would not let them have any expensive gear. If you are not moving too far, can a friend store your gear at their house until you are ready for it.?

Yes, take lots of pictures and keep invoices with you. You may want to make sure whatever insurance is included in move quote is enough depending on the cost of your system. Basic moving insurance is sometimes based on weight, not value.

Damage is a lot more common than lost/stolen.
i second sugarbrie's suggestion.

i would move evry component myself. infact, when i moved from queens to nassau county, about 25 miles, i transported, my amp, preamp, turntable, and cables. the mover shipped my records. i had sold my speakers so that was not a problem.

when it comes to audio gear i would rather use my car. at least i can blame myself, if i screw up. i don't want to get into an argument with a mover.
If you will be making several trips personally, I for sure would include my gear with one of those trips, rather than let movers handle it. Even if you rent a van to move some of your more important stuff. Otherwise, I agree with what everyone else says above.
thanks for the great resposponses folks. Much appreciated. I think based on suggestions I will definately move the equipment myself, inn my car where I can have control over it. In particular the truntable.

kehut, thanks for the fine compliment. Onhgwy61, based on this move, I hope never to get divorced. I'm about pulling my hair out over this job, new town, starting grad school, crappy rentals... wow!???

Leaves me wondering why...

Take care folks and thanks for the support.