What is closest to my beloved Cal Audio CL 15?

Most of the newer CD players are either missing the mid range, or overly high, or too much booming bass--

suggestions for a second player, if I am unable to locate another two or three Cl's ?
I agree that the CAL machines (I have a CL-10) are excellent. FWIW, Approved Audio in Bantam, CT used to be a CAL service center and has a good supply of many parts. You might check w them about your particular machine. I also have an Audio Aero Prima that I like very much.
I own a CAL CL-15 and a Meridian 508.24 in separate systems. The Meridian has educated me that the CAL is forward and has some "edge" in its delivery of music. Originally, I thought it was detail but the Meridian is more detailed and smoother.

That said I would not try to replicate the CAL because there are better player out there. You just have not auditioned the one that suits you. I can recommend the Meridian 508.24 and the Rega Jupiter as middling price (used) players.
If you can afford the new Meridian, Robert Harley said it is the most significant advancement in digital since the development of the CD...(something like that)!