What is up with Sellers describing the item listed for sale as "beloved"? I looked up the meaning of beloved and learned that it means:

Urban Dictionary: beloved
lovable, yet in a non sexual way. able to love one without purpose of intercourse. means special in a way that is beyond that of lust...

Now I get it, the Seller loves his speakers but does not want to have sex with them.
Sells better than "hated", "disappointing", "blunder of a purchase", "below par", "sub optimal", "POS", etc.
+1 Rockadanny.

The "POS" one cracked me me up.


Funny subject! I always find it peculiar when audio gear is referred to as beloved, especially when being sold. Didn't realize the exact meaning either. Makes sense.

Now when I hear someone say they love their gear, it will have new meaning.... :^)
Hey I don't wanna puck around with mine beloved as well!
And I quote, "I did not have sexual relations with my beloved speakers."
This is why you should never buy a "previously owned" ported loudspeaker. You just never know.
Ads that begin with the redundant phrase "Up for Sale" also make me wonder why the waste of words. Of course the item is up for sale since this is the exclusive purpose of the ad. I have also seen "Up for Auction" when there is no auction for the item.
My speakers have great bottom , hot set of tweeters , wears spikes and can be very alluring. That said they will stay beloved. Women are my thing. Martykl if I list my speakers you're safe , yes they're ported.
Some of our brethren are clearly so enamored with hi-fi that they'll never actually get near... you know... a girl. A 'special' relationship with a pair of speakers is bound to ensue...
Grimace, are you suggesting that a girl can serve as a substitute for a speaker or can somehow be better?
It's not limited to audio gear. I can't count the times I've seen someone's "beloved guitar" up for sale.