Mount up floorstanding speakers, should we?


I tried to mount my Tannoy (floorstanding) Cheviots last week on bricks yet they sound very different, in a bad way. The sound becomes lifeless, much of the bass is gone, sound stage is missing, imaging is poor, almost everything has gone worse.

I wonder if it's wrong to mount a floorstanding speaker. They sit too low (concentric drivers centre at least 20cm below my ear level!)even I am sitting on my sofa and that's the why I need to mount them up.

It's usually good on proper stand or slab. I have carpetted floor so I put mine spiked on slabs.
I have tannoy Cheviots too and don't find that keeping them on the floor to be a problem. However, the person I purchased them from suggested that if I wanted to elevate them to put them on marble or stone slabs in a rectangle shape a few inches smaller than the speaker shape, then use putty to mount them and offset vibrations. Haven't tried it but you may want to. I am loving my tanoys - just purchased them.
I have had good results putting small floor standers on Mapleshade stands.
Try tilting them back and see if that helps. Also, if you do need to raise them up, moving them closer to the wall may help restore some bass.
Tilting is a good idea as long as it is stable.
Chris, bricks don't work well under speakers and depending on where you
place them the sound goes from bad to worse. Lifting Tannoys 4" is
about ideal. the best solution I found is cans of food. Skinny ones work
better than fat ones. You got plenty of choices at your local supermarket,
contents don't matter as long as they're no taller than 4" and not too
PS Let us know how that works out for you!
the best solution I found is cans of food. Skinny ones work
better than fat ones

Now I know where the canned food market should go.
When do you usually replace them as they'd probably say open by _date_. Perhaps the most fresh ones can serve a-bit longer before they start to blow. The military meal reserve canned food can stay for decades if not more.
Czarivey, you must be a prepper😊. I know you're making fun but the cans are a quick and cheap solution to figure out the best height before deciding on a custom one. Or you can just peel the label and spray paint them black.
It seems to me that the sound is not coming out of the Tannoys properly....If the electronics are in order, the speakers should have a huge floor to ceiling soundstage. If you raise them off the floor you will effect the bass, it wont be good. keep them on the floor and find a way to angle them up, using wood blocks might work well.
Thanks for understanding -)
keep on tweakin' :-)
Of course Czarivey.