Morrow Audio Cables


I just purchased some cables from Morrow and wanted to post my opinion. Up until now I've switched in and out of speaker cables (nothing expensive, 200-400 dollars) and would hear a difference, but not so much better or worse - just different.

I was pretty skeptical but wanted to make sure I was getting the most out of my systems, so I gave them a shot.

My main system is an Anthem 225i, Musical Fidelity A5.5 CD player, and Usher CP 6311 speakers. I bought Ma4 interconnects and Sp4 speaker cables. The cables made my system come alive. Before now I was missing a fair amount of midrange apparently. Highs are beautiful but not harsh, lows seem rock solid. Before now I felt I was compromising with cables, music seemed clear but thin, or rich but a little veiled. Hope that makes sense. I'm not the scientific type, so I'm unsure if the interconnects or speaker cables made the difference. But I know this, I'm not screwing with it to find out.

I also bought 5 Ma1 interconnects to place between my adcom prepro and 5 channel Adcom amp. My Monitor Audio speakers sound awesome. I've never had as much seperation in my setup, especially in my rear channels. Being 53, I have been struggling with dialog from my center- now that I have switched to the Morrow, clarity is awesome and no issues with dialog.

The guys at Morrow were nice and did what they said. Morrow has a pretty good return policy, and are easy to work with. Hope this helps someone looking for cables. (I have no affiliation with Morrow, FYI.)

In my case it was a great investment.
Morrow is good stuff. I had a pair of SP3 speaker cables and they sounded very good. I don't think you can go wrong, especially with their mid-line wires.
I'd had good success with their cables too, though they're not the only ones out there. The solid core based cable really does make a difference though.
Yeah, I have a set of SP2 cables on the high frequency terminals of my tower speakers. Pretty dang clear and sweet on the mids and highs. I've never tried the SP3 or higher speaker cables, but I'd like to try them. Morrow claims you get more of everything with the higher models.
I have to say, my SP3s sounded pretty awful up front, but I sent them back to be broken in on the Frybaby and there was an amazing difference in the sound. Yeah, I know cable break in is a myth, but that was my experience.
Their cables are made up of small gauge copper plated with silver. I think the 2 metals need more break in than what is typical.
I bought the SP4 used off the Morrow site. Not sure how many hours are on them now, but I'm enjoying them. I am pleasantly surprised. I didn't expect this much difference.

The MA1 have made a great deal of difference in my home theater system. I wish I had given them a try earlier.

Glad to hear of your good experiences, too.

I have two MA3 interconnect and found them detailed, transparent and vivid, the only thing I wish for is may be more full bodied and tonal saturation.

Apparently Morrow cables used the same conductor but just more of it as you move up the product lines, therefore my conjecture is you do get more of everything with higher models but the same house sound remains. The diminishing return on investment as you progress may well be evident.

Morrow do have a trade up program. Hopefully someone who actually took advantage of it and moved up to higher models could share his experience.
I have ma6 ic's and his sp7 spker wire my system consists of the fabulous tube modded modwright sony 5400 sacd/cdp wyred4sound pre and their st1000 amp (570/1140) with magnepan 20.7 spkers I needed wires that would do justice to this type of quality I am completely satisfied with the sound I feel all the characteristics of the modw sony cdp heavenly vocals detail clarity etc etc are being passed to my w4s electronics and his sp7's are fully capable of delivering that kind of juice to my maggies all the beautiful sound of my components are coming thru the way they were intended I feel that is the function of these wires and that is what I'm hearing
I just broke in a pair of Morrow MA1 and installed them in my 2 channel system with Paradigm Sig S6 and Parasound A21. Even those entry level cables from Morrow improved the detail.

Mind you, that was between the source, Oppo 95 and pre. Between pre and amp I've got a pair of MA3, so maybe part of the improvement was unleashing the MA3's. Either way, I'm now convinced Morrow cables are the real deal. So I ordered another pair of the MA3, this time with Eichmann silver bullet RCA's, and Morrow's break in service. Typical copper stranded copper may not need the same break in, but the sound benefits are really worth the effort.
I concur Runnin! I had the SP3 biwires as my first taste of Morrow's cables and later tried the MA1 and then the MA2, I then bit the bullet and tried the MA3 xlr's from my pre to my A21 and the rest is history! I did last year upgrade my Oppo95 to the 105 and added a pair of MA4 xlr's, the results are incredible. I must note that my Halo has an SilverStar fuse and I use PS Audio AC12 up top on the power conditioner and an AC10 on the Halo. When curious do try Mikes powercables a MAP 2 on my Marantz 8801 indeed has the shares the same character as the rest of his line up!
Nice set up, you've really looked after all of the details there! I'm hoping to run a couple of dedicated lines to my system next year, 2 15 amp breakers should do it, and see about a whole house surge suppression system, but the PS Audio unit would do that and more, I'm guessing.
Hey Folks (hope Uncledemp will tolerate my partial hijack here). I bought a used set of MA-1 ICs (2m) to go between pre-amp and mono blocks back in June. Only recently got them installed. Trying to audition a new pre-amp (new to's a used CJ 17LS). Have had it a couple of days now. Sometimes things sound awesome and sometimes thing sound awful. Night to night things seem to change. One night kind of harsh. The next it's like "where's the bass?". I had a 10 hr burn-in put on the Morrows before i got them but then they ended up sitting in a box for about 3 months. I can't decide if it's the pre or the ICs (going through the dreaded sub-100 hr Morrow break in all over again). Any opinions? Hate to return the pre if it's the ICs. Apologies to Uncledemp.
The MA1 IC are their entry level cable and from what you are experiencing, they are Not totally burned-in; typically 300+ hours...

If you're looking for a cable that does everything very well, I have a pair of 1.5M Acoustic Zen Absolute Copper IC.

Thanks, Wig. I know the MA-1s are their entry level. My thought when I got them (they were used) was use them to check out what the Morrow Audio buzz was about, then upgrade afterwards with their trade up program. Thanks for your input. Just an fyi, I need 2 meters on these ICs. BTW - nice system and room you have.
I'd suggest that the cables are just settling in, I had that when I unplugged my Morrows to move some equipment and reinstall. Let them play quietly overnight and see if that settles them down.
Morrow cables are good cables and sound very good but don't have the low end extension... Give them more time and they'll settle in nicely...

Thanks for your kind words, got my system tailored to what I like and it's pretty amazing.

Which Morrows did you get that impression from? And comparing to? I'd be interested in knowing from a price comparison level, but my impression so far is that Morrow is much cheaper than the retail based companies until you get into Morrows top 2 or so lines.

I've now got the pair of MA3 with Eichmann silver bullet plugs. They replaced the MA1 from Oppo 95 to pre, and I've got MA3 from pre to amp with Audioquest Type 4 speaker cables.

The latest MA3 addition added more detail and 3d imaging, but I think you'd have to have good cables all around for this.
I owned both SP6 and MA6 cables about three years ago and Morrow bettered every cable that I owned or demoed until I heard the Clarity Organic line and was very impressed. It was very obvious that SP/MA6's didn't have the texture or low end grunt of the Clarity and they were well burned-in with over 600+ hours on designer cooker and Audiodharma cable cooker as well and many hours on my components.

I'm using Thales cables now and for the price Acoustic Zen cables are phenomenal, the Absolute Copper IC and Hologram II SC...
Uh, the Clarity Organics IC's go for $1400 a pair, the Morrow MA6 $999. Looks like you sample expensive cables every so often. I think most of us can't or won't spend that kind of money on cabling. Nice to know there's more detail to be had, but I'll never go there!. MA3's with silver bullets give a large upgrade over stranded copper, and Type 4 Audioquest focuses the music like I didn't know was possible. I guess ignorance is bliss in my case!
Anyone have Morrow digital cable and are they up to the same standard set by Morrow's interconnects ?
I have a DA4 that I'm not using and it's the same standard as his other cables
Anyone try there Digital Cables? Thoughts?

I've owned the DA4 1.5M cables and it's quite good for the price but Acoustic Zen Absolute Copper Digital is superior in low level detail, sound-stage width/depth, body, clarity and overall sound quality.

Try it in your system to see which you prefer.
Morrow Cable states on their website that their interconnect "cables require a total of 400-500 hours to completely break in." Is this the same with all other brand cables? If not, what is it about their cables that require such a long burn in process?
No, Morrow is the only one that I know of recommending such a long break in. Actually, I think there may be other brands that use silver plated copper, I don't know what they recommend.

At any rate, apparently that's the reason their cables need such a long break in. The silver copper combo needs time to get groovy with each other. I don't know for sure, but I've got 3 pairs of their IC's, and they did take time, and sounded sibilant and off at times in my system. But once they broke in, they've been quite good.

On my most recent cable I went with their burn in service, and it did help.
Thanks for all the responses. I am looking for thoughts on there Digital Cables. Thanks!
Well RSA, it looks like you've started a thread on that as well. Hopefully someone will have experience with those.

Morrow is having a black friday sale, 50% off on their used cables starting friday. I got excited about this until I checked their pricing. I can confirm that the "used" prices seem pretty high. I checked, and the used prices for MA2 and MA3 1 meter cables are the exact same price as the brand new cables.

The used prices are supposed to be something like 30% less than the brand new prices. So you are not getting a true 50% off, at least on the above cables I checked. I got turned off after I saw this, I don't know if all of the used cables are the exact same price as the new, but why play games with the customer like this?
I talked to Morrow on Wednesday and they were having a 35% off new cables. I was going to buy a Digital 2 but they wont except PayPal.$129.00 cable marked down to $87.00 . Not bad. I don't know how long the sale will last.